11 Online 💻 Scams 😬 to Watch out 👀 for ...


In our tech savvy world we spend quite a bit of time online. We play games, shop, socialize and apply for jobs. The internet can make our lives much simpler and save us time and gas. There are times, however, when using the internet as a tool in managing our daily lives can become a nightmare. Whether you use a laptop, smart phone, tablet or computer, internet predators can be waiting to prey upon the innocent. These scammers use clever tactics to steal the money or identity of their victims. To avoid being taken advantage of, read through this list of common internet scams and do your research before getting involved with them.

1. Online Rentals

Online home rentals that list houses at rents much lower than similar rentals, especially if other sites show the same property at a higher rent and little or no contact information is listed.

Home Sales