5 Reasons Why πŸ€” You Spend Money πŸ’° the Way You do 😬 ...


There are far more than five reasons why people spend money. That is why there are so many books on the subject. This article covers five reasons why you spend the way you do. We;; look at five reasons that most people are not aware of themselves.

People on mass are aware of these motivations to spend, but when those motivations inflict you personally, they will appear to fall under your radar. For example, you may see how a man’s wife is forcing him to overspend, but the husband will be unaware that his spending habits revolve around his wife. You may be unaware (for example) that you are highly susceptible to mainstream advertising; especially subliminal advertising that encourages you to wear clothing with brand names on them. Hopefully, this article will help to shine a light on your own spending habits and the motivations behind them.

1. Some People Are Solution Orientated

A solution-orientated person will regard money as a means to an end and not as an object to be kept. This means that if a solution-oriented person has a problem, they will search out a solution. Most of the time the solution orientated person’s money will offer a solution of some sort. If money is the fastest and most efficient solution then they will spend their money to solve their problem. The more problems that the solution-orientated person has, then the more he or she spends. Regarding money as a solution will inevitably have that person spending money when they really need not to.

Some People Are Very Susceptible to Advertising