Battlefield: How to Fight πŸ›‘ with Your Debts πŸ’° ...


People who have faced huge financial debts know very well the satisfaction and relief that comes from reducing and eliminating them, but getting to the finish line is never easy. You need to be in the right mindset, the right motivation, and the right knowledge to tackle your debts, and this guide helps you with these important factors in your war against your debts. Here is how to fight your debts.

1. The Basic Steps

Mindset, analysis, consolidation, and saving are the four key steps to fighting your debts. The very first step is to create the right mindset and stick to that mindset. You can only fight your debts when you are willing to face the truth, and shying away like you have a phobia is not going to get you anywhere. A good way to stay focused is to have your goals and your battle plans clear in your mind, with a list of them written down so you can refer to them whenever things get really tough. You also need to have the conviction to keep yourself in the long-term, not just the first couple of weeks or months.

The first goal is to avoid taking on any new debts whatsoever and to consolidate existing debts if possible. No more credit card spending, no more loans or deferred payments on retail purchases. If you need to you should destroy your credit cards and statements to make it impossible for you to spend with them.

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