Are These the Best Jobs in the World?


Are These the Best Jobs in the World?

A 9-5 is what most of us can look forward to – but hey, let’s not knock that because those jobs keep the world turning. But, If you dream of something beyond the general world of work, there are fabulous, fascinating and funky jobs out there. Like these, for example:

1 Video Game Tester

Video Game Tester It's like a dream come true for a real gaming fan. Really, this job exists and requires you to simply play games to talk about its gameplay mechanics and everything related to the design and implementation. What could be better than getting paid for something you love doing?

2 Luxury Bed Tester

Luxury Bed Tester Sleeping on the job will only get you fired, but that's not the case if you're a bed tester, a job that involves testing out luxury beds. The best part is that you get loads of money for sleeping on the job and blogging about your experience.

3 Bike-Rider Photographer

Bike-Rider Photographer There's nothing special about it, is there? Well there's Google involved in it… and that makes it somewhat special. Recently, Google hired to people to ride on bikes and take photographs of monuments that may be inaccessible by car for its "Street View Maps" service. Now, that's quite cool, and is definitely a job anyone would love doing.

4 Beer Taster

Beer Taster You don't have to be a party animal to qualify for this job – all you need is a refined palate to differentiate between beers and write about what tastes better and why.

5 Waterslide Tester

Waterslide Tester Now, how unique the idea sounds? Once in this job, you will definitely be the envy of every desk-bound office worker. Testing holiday resort waterslides includes testing speed, height, landing of flumes, water quality, and the safety aspects. You definitely need some knowledge about all this, but what fun.

6 Hotel Reviewer

Hotel Reviewer Be ready to receive some five-star treatment by being a hotel reviewer. A perfect job for someone with a bit of wanderlust and a flair for writing what she witnesses on site.

7 Be a Zombie

Be a Zombie If a normal job will make you feel like the living dead, go one step further and become one. There are plenty of opportunities for professional zombies.

8 Ice-Cream Taster

Ice-Cream Taster Your love of ice cream can help you earn money. Taste them and tell others about your experience. It's simple, it's super cool, and it's yummy too!

9 Voice Actor

Voice Actor Do you have the perfect face for radio? Ha ha! Being a voice actor is definitely a supercool job. There is a huge amount of work in commercial, radio and screen media for voiceover artists. You don’t have to be skilled at different voices to do it either.

10 Wine Taster

Wine Taster You cannot drink at work, can you? Yes, you can if you're wine taster .

11 Lego Sculptor

Lego Sculptor You can be a certified sculptor and work for Lego. Get paid to play with bricks all day.

12 Dog Surfing Coach

Dog Surfing Coach Are you looking for a job where you can indulge your love of the water? Can you surf? Then you can teach the pampered pooches of the superrich to surf!

13 Chocolate Consultant

Chocolate Consultant One of many super cool jobs is to work in a chocolate factory as a chocolate consultant. Tell people you 'taste chocolate for a living' and they will be well jealous.

14 Netflix Tagger

Netflix Tagger Yes you really can be paid to watch television. Work in bed. Work in your PJs on the sofa. Work on the move. Tagging is essentially adding search terms so people can find what they want on Netflix.

15 Candy Taster

Candy Taster It might not be the magical fantasyland of Willa Wonka’s chocolate factory but it’s pretty close. Step into the world of candies and get paid for tasting your favorites.

16 Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper Do you love to shop? Well as a personal shopper you can shop to live. A great job if you love to work with people on a one-2-one basis and in the retail environment.

17 Gumologist

Gumologist Hubba Bubba! A gumologist is exactly what it sounds like. You get to test and taste everything that’s now in the world of gum. Definitely something to chew on!

18 Luxury Car Test Driver

Luxury Car Test Driver This is definitely your chance to sit behind wheel of some of the world's hottest cars and ride as if you own them. Companies like BMW need people to test drive their new cars and actually pay money for such service.

19 Exploration Geologist

Exploration Geologist You need to have extensive knowledge of the earth and its movements but this job can take you to some incredible locations with some fabulous experiences.

20 Gadget Reviewer

Gadget Reviewer Your passion for technology will help you get free gadgets and money for testing and reviewing them. Many publications or sometimes gadget companies hire reviewers to test new gadgets and write about them. It's a license to tinker around with your favorite gizmos.

21 Sex Toy Tester

Sex Toy Tester This one might spoil you for achieving a natural orgasm! You might have to try so many gadgets and gizmos that your man can no longer compete with battery operated fulfillment!

22 Wildlife Caretaker

Wildlife Caretaker If you love animals this is a dream job. Obviously it will differ in terms of the creatures you get to caretake for according to your location, so you might be washing elephants or hand-feeding abandoned koalas.

23 Professional Mermaid

Professional Mermaid At Weeki Wachee Springs State Park in Florida, performers wear 15-pound tails and undergo rigorous training for three to six months for a single part.

24 Food Stylist

Food Stylist You need an eye for detail and a creative flair. But, you don’t need to know how to cook to do this supercool job.

25 Stand in

Stand in Love the movies and television but no wish to be an actress? You can get in on the off screen action by being a professional stand in. what’s that mean? You “stand in” for an actress while scenes are set, lighting is perfected and directing decisions are made.

26 Scent Scientist

Scent Scientist Do you have a nose for smells? There’s a call for your skills in all sorts of industries, including perfumery.

27 Jester

Jester Love to play the fool? This job may be specific to the UK but with a hey nonny nonny, there might be jesters in other parts of the world too. You get to work in really cool places like Hampton Court.

28 Crossword Puzzle Writer

Crossword Puzzle Writer Calling all wordsmiths. This is your chance to use and expand your vocabulary.

29 Tour Guide in Champagne Cellars

Tour Guide in Champagne Cellars Ok so you have to go and live in France but that wouldn’t be a hardship would it? Just think of that lovely fizz you get to quaff. Don’t let the bubbles go to your head.

30 Toy Idea Professional

Toy Idea Professional Who wouldn’t love a job where you can set free your inner child every day and be paid for it? The future of playtime is in your hands.

31 Fortune Cookie Writer

Fortune Cookie Writer Do you want to tell someone their destiny? Can you weave magic with words in a short, meaningful and evocative phrase? Then you could be a fortune cookie writer.

32 Professional Snuggler

Professional Snuggler This is a growing trend so if you’re comfortable snuggling up to a complete stranger and being paid for it, maybe this is your dream job.

33 Antique Appraiser

Antique Appraiser This is not a job you can do without knowledge. But if you have a love of art, antiques, retro, vintage and all things old, this is a great job. You might even end up on the Antiques Roadshow as a valuer.

34 Cruise Ship Guest Services

Cruise Ship Guest Services Sail the world, visit amazing places and meet people. So many places to go, so many things to see and so many people to meet. Can you help cruise goers have an unforgettable experience?

35 Secret Agent

Secret Agent I could let you in on the secret but I would have you kill you! Move over James. Jane Bond is here.

Is your dream job on the list?