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If you are exploring career options today, you should review awesome reasons to become a special effects artist. This fun career provides you the opportunity to share your creative nature through the production of props and aesthetics. These creations are used in everything from science fiction to today's leading horror movies. If you wish to acquire your piece of this billion dollar industry, it's time for you to discover seven awesome reasons to become a special effects artist.

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Everyday is Halloween

Top of the reasons to become a special effects artist is that you can produce some of the best costumes and additions used in Halloween trends throughout the year. If Halloween is your favorite holiday, you could grasp the potential to acquire a career that encompasses all your preferred concepts of the holiday, every day.


Creative Innovations

The span of the imagination is the only limit associated with special effects. If you can dream it up, it is possible for you to create it through the use of latex, rubber, and a wealth of materials. You can produce creative innovations that could place you as a forerunner in special effects, which enhances your earning potential and viability in this growing industry.


The More Gore the Better

You are not restricted on the amount of gore you produce. You will work within a multitude of productions throughout your career. The only limitation in this aspect is the requirements for the project itself. If your project is a horror film or TV-show you can produce large amount of gory, bloody, concepts frequently.


School is like Play Time

When you love to produce special effects, every minute of your work day presents the potential for the feeling in which you are spending more time playing than actually working. This doesn't imply that a special effects artist doesn't work hard. They do. Sometimes they work days on end. However, when you enjoy your work, it makes for a more rewarding career overall.


Your Work is Timeless

As you create more special effects, you are presented with the opportunity to make your mark in the industry. This could lead you to critical acclaim and allow you to acquire awards through your efforts. As you work on well loved and high rated films, it is possible for your work to become known throughout the ages.


The High Demand

As film producers scramble to create new and unique concepts for motion picture releases, the demand for special effects artists with promising concepts is growing. Exceptional special effects artists are necessary for the creation of stellar productions. Once you prove yourself in this industry as an innovator, you are placed apart from the run of the mill. This could present you with further opportunities to excel.


Top Earnings

The average salary for a special effects artist is $84,610 annually. This average is based on the bare minimum and not a projection for earnings potentials for artists who work within top-grossing films. As a contributor of these films royalty payments are a higher probability as the film is transferred throughout different forms of media such as DVDs.

If you are reviewing options for richly rewarding career options, you should consider the potential of becoming a special effects artist. This option presents you with the chance to become a part of the grander scheme in motion picture and television production. What are some aspects of becoming a special effects artists that are appealing to you?

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I wish my hubby (vfx composurer) earns that $$ haha. Vfx industry is hard to get in for graduates with limited skills. High turnover as well

It's not regular college so how do you get involved with this?

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