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Best Coupon Community Forums for Extreme Couponing Wannabes ...

By Leiann

Looking for the best coupon community forums? Do you ever watch the television show "Extreme Couponing"? Do you ever wish you could be just like them? It IS possible. By studying the coupon forums below, you can join others in saving money for necessities of life. Maybe you are poor and need every penny you have. Maybe you are wealthy and simply frugal. Couponing is nothing to be ashamed of. Read on to begin probably the wisest thing you have ever done with the best coupon community forums.


Join for free and then trade, discuss and find coupons that can save thousands at the store every month. They have a free virtual class system to read if you are new to couponing. When you are finished reading, get involved! They have both a blog and coupon forum. With over 25,000 people, is one of the largest and most active coupon forums on the internet, making it one of the best coupon community forums.

2 Lynn's Coupons

Although they charge a handling, shipping and finding service fee, Lynn's Coupons locates coupons from all over the United States to save you a bundle. Their motto? They love their members and want you to be one of them. Why not register and jump right in?

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3 Hot Coupon World

Their motto? Hot Coupon World is the place to be if you are looking for grocery store deals, drug store deals, online freebies and more! This coupon website has a section called Couponing 101 for you gals new to couponing. Weekly ads keep you up-to-date.


They have been around for 10 years with their free service. Their community is one of the best places to get coupons and online deals. It is basically a jump right in website with very few instructions.

5 Friends Don't Let Friends Pay Full

Their forums are very organized and attractive. There is a discussion on the forum ranging from sports and fitness to health and beauty to food and drink and many more. They even have their latest deals included in Facebook offers. This coupon website earns 4 stars!

6 Absolute Forum

100% free! They are a community of 50,000 + members. Get access to members only contests and events. Send private messages to other forum members. You can also find free samples, new freebies, free CDs, DVDs, books, daily sweepstakes, instant win games and more.

7 Connect for Community

Donate your unwanted store and manufacturer coupons to this program to provide more food and edible essentials to poor fellow Americans. Click on "Community Connections" for the name and address to mail your coupons. You could help a child to not be ridiculed in school for poor hygiene due to lack of toiletries or help a parent get a job. Families will be able to exist in an atmosphere of self-respect.

A suggestion? Place a coupon box at your local library for give and take.

Happy Shopping!

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