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Investing an inheritance, if you´re lucky enough to receive one, is something that should be done wisely. It´s not likely that you´ll ever inherit a large sum of money again, so don´t waste the opportunity. There are lots of smart ways of investing an inheritance, that will either help you build a secure future, achieve an ambition, or have some great memories! So here are the best things to do with an inheritance …

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Buy a Home

Buying a home is a great way of investing an inheritance. Depending on the amount you´ve received, and house prices in your area, using your inheritance allows you to either buy outright (and wouldn´t it be great to be mortgage- or rent-free?), or put down a substantial deposit. But don´t get carried away – be as sensible as you would with any house purchase.



If you´ve no particular ideas as to what you´d like to do with your windfall, then do nothing! That is, find a good investment and leave your money to grow. Don´t invest it all in risky funds though, and take good advice before you commit your money.


Fulfilling Ambitions

Emotionally, one of the best things to do with an inheritance is to use it to fulfil an ambition that you´d really love to pursue. We all have dreams that depend on a large sum of money, so an inheritance can finally give you the chance to take a trip, open a cafe, or buy a classic car.



Education is a great investment in your future, or you can use your inheritance to fund your children´s college education. Think carefully about what course to follow; it´s better to pick a course that will improve your prospects than do a course simply for the fun of it.


Help out

If you´ve inherited money that you don´t particularly need, it can be really great to help out your family. You can also donate to a charity – it could make an enormous difference! Do make sure that your needs are taken care of first, though, and that you really can afford to give money away.


Start a Business

Starting up your own business can be a superb way of investing an inheritance. Don´t treat it as a vanity project, though, simply because you´ve got the funds. Do your research, take advice, and make sure that the idea is viable. There´s absolutely no sense in throwing money away on a business that won´t work.



A holiday wouldn´t be my favoured way of using an inheritance, but for some people it would be the best way of spending the money. Say there´s a destination you´ve always wanted to visit, or you have friends or relatives on the other side of the world. Just imagine how great it would be to be able to see them after so many years!

Investing an inheritance is something that should be considered with great care. You´ve been lucky enough to have this windfall (even if the way you´ve received it is rather sad), so put it to the best use you can. What do you consider to be the best things to do with an inheritance?

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