9 Budget Mistakes to Avoid when Starting a Health Program ...


Anytime you embark on healthy eating, it can be so easy to blow your paycheck on your new lifestyle, so be sure to keep in mind certain budget mistakes to avoid so this doesn’t happen to you. As a healthy eater for years now, I’ve learned just how easy it is to blow your finances on health food. It is an easy thing to do, and something probably all of us have done at some point or another. That being said, luckily there are some simple things to do to prevent literally eating your way into debt. Keep these budget mistakes to avoid in mind, so you can keep your waistline and your wallet right in check where they should be!

1. Buy Just Enough

One of the biggest budget mistakes to avoid when starting a health program is to buy too much at one time. I am so guilty of this, but let me share with you what works for me: counting. I literally count exactly how much of each thing I’ll need for 7 days and no more. Then, at the store, no matter how much I’m tempted to buy, I know I won’t eat all that food in a week and can easily go back to the store in 7 days and get more. Plus, it’s a little invigorating to see the fridge all clean and empty on the 7th day right before you go to the store. It’s not only a friendly reminder you won’t be throwing food away, but also a nice reminder that you didn’t blow your budget and have plenty to spend this week.

Keep It Clean
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