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There are a lot of simple and interesting things to do to earn more money! If you have the time and if you need to add a little more money to your income (well, who wouldn’t?), then just explore these different options you have to earn more money. In some cases, you don’t actually need to make big sacrifices to earn a few extra bucks and some of these things might not even take so much effort on your behalf. You just need to be creative and keep an open mind and I’m sure you’ll find more ways to earn some money. Just think of all the ways you can use that extra money or all those things you really need that you can buy with that extra side income! Just read on and discover a few very simple things to do to earn more money that I’m sure you will find very useful:

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Cancel Old Subscriptions You Don’t Use

One of the simplest things to do to earn more money is to cancel any old subscriptions or memberships you don’t use anymore. Just re-evaluate your priorities and think about the things you don’t need or that you don’t actually use and just cut down on those expenses. You will save a lot of money just by canceling all kinds of subscriptions and memberships you don’t need, and I’m sure you will find other, more useful ways to spend that extra income.


Cover Your Car with Advertisements

There are actually a number of companies who usually pay people quite a lot of money just to cover their cars with ads. In this way, they promote their company or some product they’ve launched. Depending on the length of the promotion, on its form and on your region, you can be paid between $400 and $900 per month just to do this. If you don’t mind turning your car into a rolling billboard, then this is the perfect way to increase your income.


Sell the Things You Don’t Need

I’m sure everyone has a lot of things they don’t use or need, so why just throw them out (especially if they are still good)? You could just sell them on Craigslist, eBay or Amazon and I’m sure you will be able to increase your income quite a bit. There are people who will actually pay a lot of money for the things you don’t like or use anymore, so just list them online for sale.


Become a Mystery Shopper

Another very creative and fun thing you can do if you want to earn more money is to become a mystery shopper. There are a lot of market research companies who will pay you to shop at certain stores or to eat at certain restaurants and report your experience. For every assignment, that company will give you specific instructions on where to shop and what to look for and you will just report how that experience went. You will earn from $12 to $25 per assignment and you will also receive free meals, free movie tickets or any other small things you are supposed to buy from those stores.



Have you got a skill or a talent and a flexible schedule? If you’re good at writing, graphic design, translation or any other field, then you could just visit sites like freelancer.com, elance.com, peopleperhour.com or any other freelancing site. Just search for some jobs that you would be able to do ,like creating brochures or any other business marketing materials, proofreading articles, writing press releases, translating books, business documents or any other type of work where you could use your skills. Just be prepared to show samples of your work or you could also put together a portfolio you could send to prospective freelance employers.


Create Things You Can Sell

Are you very creative and talented and you can do pretty much everything? Well, if you need more money, you could simply use your amazing skills and create a few original things you can sell. Knitting is a really good option, since you can do it while you are relaxing in front of your TV. You can also make hemp jewelry and accessories or any other thing you are good at and that you know other people would buy, like paintings or some other type of art work if you are really talented.


Get Paid for Your Time Online

There are actually websites that will pay you just to read e-mails, do some web searches, get some consumer options and demographic information or complete different surveys. You can visit volition.com or CashCrate.com and you will get a list of companies to consider. Just do a little research first, to make sure they are a legitimate site before you sign up and dedicate your time to take all kinds of surveys. You need to know it won’t be a scam and that they will actually pay you without selling your personal information or make you work for nothing.

There are a lot of ways you can make more money from home or by using the Internet. Have you tried any of these options? Do you know any other simple things someone can do in order to earn more money? Please share your advice with us and tell us about your experience in the comments section!

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The car advertising is a great idea!! Thanks for sharing!! Xx

thanks! do you know where I can go to become a shopper?

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