8 Common Pitfalls to Avoid when Buying a Home ...


There are countless potential pitfalls in buying a home. Since this is the greatest financial commitment any of us will ever make, it pays to be sensible and cautious. But it doesn´t just pay in the financial sense. It´s smart to avoid mistakes when buying a home, because of what it means to us emotionally to have a place of our own. So watch out for these pitfalls when buying a home, and you´re much more likely to make smart decisions.

1. Hurrying

Are you tired of renting and longing to get into a home of your own? Have you seen the perfect house and want to put in an offer before someone else bags it? Step back and THINK. You are at risk of making one of the worst mistakes when buying a home – rushing in and not taking time to consider every angle. Your perfect home may not be as perfect as it first appears. NEVER buy in a hurry, and never let anyone push you into making a commitment before you are certain.

Short-Term Thinking
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