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7 Common Reasons Why Couples Avoid the "money Talk" ...

By Valencia

There are many common reasons why couples avoid the "money talk." But if you want to have an honest relationship with your partner, you shouldn't be afraid to discuss personal finances. This is essential for setting and reaching financial goals as a couple. But for some people, talking about money is much easier said than done. Here are seven common reasons why couples avoid the "money talk."

1 Upbringing

Upbringing is one of several common reasons why couples avoid the "money talk." Some people grew up in a household where money was a taboo topic. Their parents didn't discuss finances, especially in front of the children. As a result, these young people grow into adults who aren't comfortable speaking about finances.

2 Don't Realize the Importance

And unfortunately, when children grow up in a household where money is a taboo subject, they don't fully understand the importance of discussing these issues with a partner. But when partners discuss money, there's a lower risk of miscommunication with regard to finances. They're able to get on the same page financially and make sound decisions that benefit the family's financial outlook.


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3 Shame about Mistakes

Then again, maybe you understand the importance of discussing money, but you hold back due to embarrassment or shame. We've all made money mistakes in our past. Some people have made bigger mistakes. If you have massive debt, or if you've filed bankruptcy or had a foreclosure, you might hesitate bringing up money topics because you don't want to address these issues.

4 Fear of a Negative Reaction

In addition to being ashamed about past mistakes, some people don't discuss money with a partner because they fear their partner will view them differently. For some, it's easier to sweep a mistake under the rug.

5 They Have Limited Knowledge

You might avoid money talks with your partner because you feel your knowledge is limited. As a result, you think you have little to contribute to a financial discussion. But even if you don't know much about personal finance, these topics aren't rocket science. Educate yourself and you'll have the power and knowledge to improve your personal finances. Plus, the more you know about money, the easier it'll be to talk about it.

6 You Don't Want an Argument

Money causes a lot of rifts between couples. And if history proves that money discussions never end well in your household, you might hesitate bringing up these topics. However, money talks are crucial and important to keeping the family's budget on track. Rather than run from these discussions, learn better ways to communicate with your partner. Even if you have different spending styles or financial outlooks, agree to discuss money topics in an adult manner - no arguing or pointing fingers.

7 You're a Private Person

Regardless of whether your personal finances are on a good or bad track, you might be a private person by nature. Therefore, you're not comfortable discussing finances with your partner. This can include the amount you have in your savings account, how much you earn and your amount of debt. However, if you want a healthy relationship, you have to feel comfortable talking about money and being open. If you're adamant about keeping your personal finances private from your partner, there's a bigger issue at hand. Explore this.

Money doesn't have to be a taboo topic. And the sooner you and your partner have money discussions, the easier it'll be to reach financial goals as a couple. Can you think of other reasons why couples avoid money discussions?

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