7 Easy Ways to Budget Your Money Better That Every Woman Can Use ...


Most ways to budget your money can make you feel deprived, stressed, and might not be the best for you, so I’ve got a few tips for you that might actually work and make things easier. If budgeting is something you dread, which is completely normal, then I understand! Yet, there are some helpful ways to budget your money that don’t leave you broke, overly exhausted, or require a lot of skills to start using.

1. Subscribe to a Free Service

One of the most helpful ways to budget your money that I have found is subscribing to a free service that helps you see where you money is going, and can help you direct it properly to pay the right bills. I like Mint.com for this, and recommend it to anyone. Mint also has an app, so you can see your scheduled bills, etc. all on your smarphone. Mint.com allows you to allocate your money to different bills, can set up autopay, and shows you a graph of how much of what you’re making is actually being used to pay off debt.

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