7 Things Every Woman Should Know about Money ...


7 Things Every Woman Should Know about Money ...
7 Things Every Woman Should Know about Money ...

There are undeniably things every woman should know about money. Being in control of your finances is not only empowering, it’s the first step to reaching many long-term goals. These include buying a house, starting a business and getting a handle on consumer debt. Maybe you’ve had money troubles in the past, or maybe your parents didn’t teach sound financial lessons. Regardless of your background, you can take control of your finances. Here are seven things every woman should know about money.

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Spend Less than You Earn

Of all the things every woman should know about money, this advice tops the list. Spending less than you earn is a secret to wealth. If you’re able to live below your means and stash the majority of your income, you can build your bank account at a faster pace. And if you choose the right investments, you can take your savings to a whole new level.


Get Adequate Health Insurance

It isn’t enough to have health insurance, you need insurance that will meet your needs. Too often, single women get just enough coverage to get by. Unfortunately, this coverage may not cover things like maternity or dental. Lack of adequate coverage can result in huge medical debt, practically crippling your personal finances.


Choose a Financially Responsible Mate

If you worked hard to get your finances on track and build a strong credit score, don’t let the behavior of a financially irresponsible partner slow down your goals. Some may disagree, but I firmly believe in the importance of knowing your partner’s full credit history before walking down the aisle. I’m talking debt amounts, credit scores and anything else that impacts the ability to get financing. The choices this person makes may affect you.


Splurge Wisely

There is nothing wrong with buying a pair shoes or a new purse that you’ve been eyeing. However, it’s important to shop smart and only buy what you can truly afford. In other words, don’t spend rent or mortgage money trying to keep up with the latest fashions. If you want quality, but don’t have the budget for expensive labels, shop at discount department stores and clearances.


Shop with a List

If you shop without a list, there is a chance that you’ll buy things you don’t need and spend more than you have. Whether you’re heading to the grocery store or a retail store, jot down what you’re planning to buy and stick to this list.


Know Your Worth

It’s no secret that some employers pay male employees more than female employees. You can’t make a company offer you a bigger salary, but if you know your worth before going in for an interview, this provides some negotiating power. Research average salaries for your position and experience level, both nationally and locally.


Don’t Be Afraid to Buy a House

If you’re single, have the credit score, and earn enough to afford your own house - why not take the leap? Who says you have to wait until marriage to dive into home ownership? Getting a house is a huge accomplishment. But to reach this goal, you need to save at least 5% for a down payment and improve your credit score. You can get a mortgage with a 620 score. However, for the best mortgage rate - aim for a score of 740 or higher.

This is your money and it’s up to you to make smart financial moves. Besides, a good financial record can take you places. What money tips can you offer single or married women?

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I agree with all things except the house business.. Can someone write an article on the benefits of owning a house vs. renting? Help me see the light! Loo

This is prolly my favorite. Kindda of an eye opener. Thx :)

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