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7 Surefire Ways to Know if Your Partner is a Money Match ...

By Valencia

If you're looking for ways to know if your partner is a money match, there are seven things to watch for. Being on the same financial page as your partner is crucial. With regards to saving and spending, being in agreement can take your personal wealth to the next level. Here are seven surefire ways to know if your partner is a money match

1 How Often do You Talk about Money?

If you feel that money discussions are healthy for a relationship, you need a partner who’s also comfortable talking about money. If your partner avoids these conversations, or quickly moves on to other topics, he may not be the best money match. However, the ability to communicate about finances is just one of many ways to know if your partner is a money match.

2 Does Your Partner Budget?

As a financially-responsible person, you may set a monthly budget. For this matter, you need a partner who also budgets. But if your partner prefers to fly by the wind and spends money without regards to a spending plan, this can create problems in your relationship. Just about all big money moves from saving for a down payment to planning a vacation requires a sound budget.


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3 How’s Your Partner’s Emergency Fund?

When your partner receives his paycheck, does he automatically pay his savings account, or is he more interested in having a good time? Emergency planning should not be optional. If your partner isn't a saver, this can affect your financial future. If one of you were to lose a job or deal with a serious medical issue, how would you handle this expense without a sizable savings account?

4 Do the Bills Pile up?

Take a look around your partner’s desk or personal area. Does your partner wait until the last minute to open credit card statements and other bills? This can signal a problem. If he/she doesn't open bills upon arrival, he/she may not be aware of due dates, which can trigger late payments, late fees and a damaged credit score.

5 Does Your Partner Live in the Moment?

Spontaneous and adventurous behavior can contribute to a fun life. But if your partner is also spending money while he or she is being adventurous, this can create financial problems for your household. There is nothing wrong with having a good time – in moderation. A financially-responsible person thinks about purchases and only splurges when it’s affordable.

6 What Does Your Partner Spend Money on?

If your partner spends all his money on shoes, clothes or electronics, this might be an issue as you work towards bigger goals. If you purchase a home together, would your partner scale-back in order to meet your new obligations?

7 How’s the Retirement Planning?

Unless you plan on carrying the weight of your household during your retirement years, you need a partner who’s serious about preparing for the future. Some people put off retirement planning until they're in their late 30s or early 40s. But you're never too early to think about the future. Does your partner have a 401(k) plan or an IRA? If not, encourage him to speak with his employer or a financial planner.

Of all the things couples fight about, money tops the list. But if you and your partner are a good money match, you can alleviate some - if not all - of these fights. What else can determine whether a partner is a good money match?

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