7 Factors and Prejudices That Might Affect Your Job Prospects ...


The prejudices that might affect your job prospects make a tough market even tougher. Finding a job is not easy and even though you might do everything you can to improve your chances of gaining employment or taking the next step in your career, there are still certain factors that might hold you back – irrespective that there’s a legal framework that should protect you against some such prejudices. But people will be people and here are some of the most common prejudices that might affect your job prospects you should be aware of.

1. If You Are Good Looking, You Cannot Be a Leader

The prejudice is that you spend too much time doing your hair to be concerned about company profits. Stern, and often overweight, women are the ones that are usually the leaders. They are the ones that people seem to listen to because they look as if they belong in the job. It is one of the prejudices that might affect your job prospects because you will find it very easy to get a job if you are good looking and where a man is the manager, but that same manager will never let you be a leader. Sexism is still rife in many workplaces.

You Dress like a Man so You Must Be Angry All the Time
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