7 Foolish Things You Shouldn't do with Your Credit Card ...


For the best credit score, there are things you shouldn’t do with a credit card. But since you probably didn’t learn credit management in school, you may make a few mistakes along the way. A credit card is an excellent credit building resource, and in an emergency, a credit card can get you out of a jam. However, your experience with credit cards is all in how you manage your account. Here are seven foolish things you shouldn’t do with a credit card.

1. Paying Your Credit Card Bill Late

Of all the things you shouldn’t do with a credit card, ignoring due dates tops the list. A late payment doesn’t show up on your credit report until you’re 30 days behind. This however, doesn’t mean that you won’t get hit with late fees. Plus, when you pay late, this creates a shaky relationship with your credit card company. If you were to ask for a better rate down the road, the creditor will pull your payment record, and if it isn’t good, they may deny your request.

Paying Only the Minimum
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