7 Free Apps for Effective Job Hunting ...

There are a lot of free apps for job hunting that you could use if you are looking for a new and more awesome job. Thanks to today’s tsunami of technology, mobile apps allow job seekers to search discreetly for the positions they want; they can do this anytime, anywhere, since they can respond to postings quickly with the help of these apps. For example, there are apps that help you organize the job search process, that help you with career planning, that can alert job seekers to compatible positions and even apps that allow their users to upload and send resumes to recruiters. Here are 7 free apps for job hunting that will make the job seeking process easier:

1. Jobandtalent

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On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com
This is one of the most effective free apps for job hunting since it is absolutely wonderful for browsing new jobs as you commute home via bus or subway. This app is just like a Pinterest for job seekers. It allows you to easily browse, save and revisit job postings from your smartphone or tablet, receive notifications about jobs that match your professional qualifications and you manage your job matches.

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