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7 Get Rich Ideas That Won't Work ...

By Alison

Everyone would like to find get rich ideas that will make a fortune, and the arrival of the Internet seemingly brought a number of such opportunities right into your home. But although we'd all like to think that there is an easy way to earn lots of money (and preferably without much effort), nothing comes that easily. Even smart people can be fooled by get rich quick schemes, so everyone needs to be aware. Here are some get rich ideas that definitely won't work …

1 Lottery

This is everyone's favourite dream when it comes to get rich ideas. How often do we joke about "when I win the Lottery …"? Realistically, we know the odds are incredibly low, but we still buy tickets. Buying the occasional lottery ticket is fine for a bit of fun, but the money would be better put aside for something else instead. Even if that other option won't make you wealthy!

2 Marriage

Now, it goes without saying that our readers are far too independent and savvy to depend on marriage as a route to riches. However, there are still women who think that marriage will secure them a very comfortable financial future. Nothing is guaranteed, though, and every woman should ensure that she has her own money and is protected financially.

3 Internet Business

Not so long ago, it seemed as though there were easy fortunes to be made by starting up an internet business. Papers and websites were full of stories about how teenagers had made fortunes by selling online businesses they'd started in their bedrooms. Alas, the bubble soon burst, and it became abundantly clear that internet businesses are just as vulnerable to failure as any other, if not more so.

4 Property

As property prices rose, it became common for people (especially in the UK) to think that they could make a fortune from buying and selling houses. Often they decided that becoming a landlord would ensure a comfortable retirement. Sadly, it's not that easy to make money from property; this is a business that requires knowledge, funding and a lot of patience!

5 Multi-Level Marketing

Far too many people have been sucked into MLM schemes. The people behind these schemes make grandiose claims about the fortunes that can be earned, but in reality very few actually make anything. Only the individuals at the top really stand to earn anything (and they know that). Unfortunately, there are plenty of desperate or greedy people who think that this is the answer to their prayers. Don't be fooled.

6 Gambling

You might think that you're not the kind of person who'd be tempted into gambling. Think about it though - have you ever bought a lottery ticket or played bingo? That's gambling. What's more, it's now incredibly easy to play these and other forms of gambling online. You can quickly be tempted to get out your credit card and keep playing. Avoid - the only people who win are the companies running these sites.

7 Blogging

Ever read the stories about someone who writes, say, a fashion blog, got spotted by a Vogue writer, and ended up with a $1 million contract to write a book? So you think, anyone can do that, right? Again, it's not that easy. Blogging is a very overcrowded market, and few people make it big via this route (or any other). Nor are you likely to make big bucks from ads on your blog - it will need a substantial readership to attract a decent income.

It's nice to dream about being rich, but the reality is that it doesn't happen quickly. The people who have managed to make a fortune do so because they've worked at it for years. There are a lot of other factors involved as well, and most of us don't have the required combination to get rich. So concentrate on making a good, achievable salary instead. Have you ever fallen for a get-rich quick scheme and lost your hard-earned money?

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