7 Great College Campus Jobs to Have ...


7 Great College Campus Jobs to Have ...
7 Great College Campus Jobs to Have ...

Wouldn’t it be great to get one of those good campus jobs while you’re in college? There are always benefits to having a job on campus rather than off, some small and some really big. Having an on-campus job means that you won’t have to use gas driving to your job, so that’s already a great benefit. It also means that you will meet new people from your campus every day, which gets you known. While in college I think the more connections you make, the better; you never know who can take you places. Here are a few college campus jobs with those benefits and even bigger ones.

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Campus Tutor

This is one of the hardest college campus jobs to get, but it is definitely worthwhile to try for. Of course this job is a great resume builder, but being a tutor also means you have an advantage, especially if it has something to do with your major. When you graduate, your potential employer will see that you are great in your field, because not only were you able to learn it, you were able to re-teach it. At my school we have tutors that are specifically for the athletes, and tutors who are there for the entire campus. Wherever you’re placed you will make connections with people who may be able to make connections for you!


Resident Assistant

If you are really personable and outgoing, or quiet, but a strategic thinker, this might be the perfect job for you. RAs build more relationships than anyone else employed on campus because they actually live among residents and interact with them every day. They are there for 30+ students 24/7, to help them make it through the academic year. You have to be mentally prepared if you want to become an RA because it isn’t an easy job. Be prepared to lose sleep, personal time, and handle tough situations. To show the RAs appreciation, the school will offer some type of stipend. At my university the RAs receive free room and board, but don’t actually get paid.


Desk Assistant

Desk Assistants are similar to RAs in that they have to interact with students regularly, but they do not have to live among them. They have it pretty easy, because they are only required to sit behind a desk in whichever residence hall they’re assigned to, and answers questions if needed. They also hand out keys to students who have lost their key or just locked themselves out. They do receive a paycheck and each year that a person continues being a DA they receive a pay raise. This is a great student position to have if you never sleep, because someone has to work the late shifts; it is a 24-hour job.



Alright, so I know you’re thinking this is not the job for you, but I worked as a custodian for my university over the summer, and not only did they pay really well, they provided me with free housing. And if you’re a good employee they will keep you during the academic year, but you will have to pay for housing when summer ends. The work is not very hard, because you are basically keeping the residence halls clean, which get cleaned on a daily basis. Summer positions are much harder, because you’re actually cleaning up after students who have moved out after the year is over, and it’s obvious some of those students didn’t even try to keep their living space clean.


Personal Trainer

Becoming a personal trainer can be really fun, and keep you from gaining the freshman 15 weight students often put on during their years in college. One of my close friends became a personal trainer, and she loves it because she gets to teach Zumba. She also loves the fact that she can suggest classes and get them approved. She recently started a Cardio Hip Hop class that has high attendance. All kinds of students pass through the gym, and of course you’ll have regulars who are always there specifically for your classes.


Equipment Managers

Every sports team needs an equipment manager and water boy/girl. This is a perfect job for students who are majoring in exercise sports science, or something close to that major. There are many perks to the job, like being popular of course! Everyone knows that athletes are put in the popular category, so if you work with them you have no choice but to know them and become popular yourself. Most importantly you will get to travel, because wherever the team goes you will go.


Dining Hall Employee

A lot of students would prefer to stay out of the dining hall, because they don’t want to clean. It’s a great job though, and on my campus it’s one of the highest paid student jobs. Cleaning tables, sweeping the floor, or serving food isn’t too bad when you’re being paid well. Plus you get free food! So that’s almost $1500 you get to keep in your pocket and not blow on a meal plan.

Now that you know some perks for working on campus, go out and find yourself a job! I can guarantee that you will make numerous connections, which is a benefit in itself, and receive other great benefits. Are you going to drive to the mall every day, or find yourself a nice job right on campus?

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