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Unless you work in a company of one (i.e, by yourself), you're bound to have some annoying co-workers. You don't choose who you work with, so your co-workers won't all be your kind of people - and you'll find some of them downright annoying. So how can you handle the people who get on your nerves? This is how to deal with your annoying co-workers and keep your nerves intact …

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Stay Professional, However Annoying They Are!

Your co-worker(s) may drive you insane, but however annoying they are do try to stay professional. You have to continue working with them, and if you get cross and snap at them you risk being seen as the one who's causing the problem. Besides, it may not be their fault that you find them annoying.


Is It Just a Personality Clash?

Ask yourself if it's a personality clash that's causing you to find them annoying. Maybe they're the kind of person who likes to chat all the time, whereas you're more reserved and find talking distracts you. Try to find a middle ground, such as telling them you'd be happy to chat over a coffee during your break.


Maintain Your Distance, but Always Be Polite

If your co-worker really drives you up the wall, do your best to keep away from them to minimise the annoyance. Maybe you could ask to be reassigned to a different department (although there's a risk that you'll find an equally annoying co-worker there!). But do always treat them politely when you do meet them.


You Can't Change Them, but You Can Change Yourself

It's very difficult to change other people, but you can change the way you respond to them. So try to alter your thinking, and you may be able to reduce the effect they have on you. Is it really that bad if your older co-worker keeps showing you photos of her grandchildren? If it gives her pleasure to talk about them, think that you're doing something nice by listening to her.


Is It You?

Now, let's be honest. It might not be your co-worker that's annoying. Perhaps it's you! Other people might find you equally irritating. And maybe you're being intolerant or bad-tempered. Look at the situation as if you were on the outside; maybe there isn't really an issue at all, or you're letting it be more important than it is.


Be Firm and Tell Them What's Appropriate

If you really think that your co-worker is being a nuisance, talk to them. Tell them what is appropriate, so that they know the boundaries. 'Susan, I can't concentrate on my work if you keep talking to me. Can we save the chat for after work?' makes it clear what the problem is, and offers a solution.


Talk to Your Supervisor (but Be Discreet)

Wherever possible, try to resolve the situation yourself. But if your co-worker is really causing a problem for you, have a discreet talk with your supervisor, but do be sure that your complaint is valid. Your supervisor may be able to find a creative solution or, if necessary, tell your co-worker to stop their behavior.

Annoying co-workers can really get on your nerves, but try not to let them bother you too much. After all, you have to work together. What is the most irritating thing a co-worker of yours has done?

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Tried to sabotage me with untrue gossips!

Have experienced this. She tried to find faults in everything and was a nuisance not only to me but to everyone at work!

Just ignore the fools insecure attention airless. That is why ignore these coworkers

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