8 Incredibly Helpful Ways to Survive in a Hostile Work Place ...


8 Incredibly Helpful Ways to Survive in a Hostile Work Place ...
8 Incredibly Helpful Ways to Survive in a Hostile Work Place ...

A Hostile Work Place can be a huge log on your road to success, a stone in your shoe, an obstacle on your track but it should definitely not keep you from reaching your final destinations! You see, many successful people had to deal with their hostile work place once and they’ve not only lived to tell about it but learned a few important lessons along the way! You can survive and even succeed in your hostile work place as well and here are a few tips to help you do that:

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Practice Positive Thinking

The art of positive thinking will help you stay sane in your hostile work place and you should practice it by forcing yourself to think of something nice to say about people you can’t stand. Every person has a quality, even if it’s just a itsy-bitsy one and I’m sure you can look deep enough to find it. This technique will help you see things from a different, more positive perspective and, although it can’t do much to change the environment you work in, it sure will help change your opinion about it.


Keep a Journal

Keeping all that negative emotions all bottled up inside of you can’t be good in a long run! That’s why most pros recommend keeping a journal. You know… the thing we used to call “Diary” back when we were teens… the little book that used to hold all of our biggest secrets. Well, why not give it a shot? Write whenever you have time or whenever you feel like you could explode and who knows… your journal might turn out to be a good book or TV show material some day.


Surround Yourself with Positive Things

The space you work in is yours to decorate as you wish so I strongly suggest adding stuff that make you happy! Some people put flowers, some prefer diplomas and certificates and some claim family photos and their children’s drawings are what keeps them happy and motivated throughout the day. But, hey, those are just some of many interesting ideas! Let’s say you’re a bag lady – why not bring your new bag with you? Yes, you’ll probably have to deal with a lot of sly comments but hey, you’ll certainly feel happier and be motivated to work more and earn more if you have the chance to eyeball your prized possession during breaks.


Don’t Lose Your Temper

Don’t let your hostile work place control you - be the one in control! Believe me, even the most egoistic persons will think twice about picking on someone who shows no interest, emotions or care about what they have to say. Your reaction is what feeds these folks - the knowledge that they’ve managed to piss you off! If you don’t let them have that, you’ll remain untouchable!



People in your nut house… err…workplace… are probably so busy gossiping, fighting and sticking their nose into everyone’s business that they don’t even have time to work! No problem! A smart, motivated problem-solver such as yourself won’t go unnoticed around so many underachievers!


Don’t Mind the Distractions

People who had to suck it up and play with card they had been given agree that the best way to handle a hostile work place is to tune out and focus on stuff you have to do rather than stuff everyone else is doing. If you have your own office this shouldn’t be a major problem but, if that’s not the case, try headphones! Play your favorite music, work and let your pesky co-workers know you’re unwilling to discuss anything but work-related issues.


Find a Co-Sufferer

You’re not the only normal soul in that hostile work place so, instead of walking around with a do-not-approach frown, find an ally you can talk to, laugh with and spend quality time with. Surviving in a hostile work place is much easier when you know that you have a friend to share thoughts with.


Set Boundaries

Staying aside and trying not to get involved in any tricky situations might not always work because some people (and by that I mean: a lot of people) aren’t really capable of reading those small polite signs. They will try to stick their nose into your business, they will ask inappropriate questions or make inappropriate, rude and even snide comments – you should know that. My suggestion would be to use the first tip and try to establish a polite, normal relationship while letting them know that being kind doesn’t mean they have the right to walk all over you.

Yup, working in hostile work place can sure be a big problem but remember – you’re paid to work, not to make friends! Could you ever work in such an environment and, if yes, how would you deal with your hostile work place?

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