10 Tips for Women 👩 Asking Themselves 💭 How do I Land 👊 My Dream 😍Job 💰 ...


A job affects every aspect of a person’s including their income, life balance, and what they do every single day. If you're wondering how do I land my dream job, you aren't alone.

Monster.com explains, “According to the US Department of Labor, the average employed adult spends 7.5 hours a day on the job.” And “over time, that adds up to a significant chunk of your life, so (as many people know from experience) an unhappy work situation can make the rest of your life pretty miserable as well.”

The question is how do I land my dream job and have the life I have always imagined for myself?

Take a look at these tips that can help direct you toward your future.

1. Think about Where You Want to Work

What do you really want to do day to day, what city do you want to live in, what are things you would not want to do on the job? That's the most important first step in answering the question, how do I land my dream job.

Consider these things when you are looking for the career path you want to take.

The Muse explains, “blindly applying to online postings won’t get you very far, and taking just any job may have you searching again before spring break.”

Learn New Skills on the Side
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