How to Achieve Career πŸ’Ό Success for Girls Looking πŸ” to Get to the Top πŸ” ...

Career success need not be a distant dream. If you have a career goal and work towards it, why should you not succeed? The issue is setting that goal and having measures of success and then having a plan to achieve them. It doesn’t matter what industry or what job, the rules are pretty much the same:

1. Put Huge Effort in to Your Job Application

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You can’t expect to be given the most exciting opportunities if you don’t treat the application process with the respect it deserves. Your application and resume are the first impression that a potential employer gets of you, so put as much effort into selling yourself on the page as you would selling yourself in a face to face interview. Being meticulous in this first stage of the employment process also breeds a good habit for trying your hardest in all aspects of the work environment.

2. Make Sure You Have an Appropriate Internet Presence

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One of the first things that employers do nowadays is give your name a quick search on social media, so in anticipation of this you should make sure that there aren’t any pictures, tweets, Facebook updates that might put you in a compromising position. Update your LinkedIn profile as much as possible, and just be mindful that it’s not just your friends of ten plus years that are likely to see your social media posts these days!

3. Be as Flexible as Possible

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A lot of modern job positions involve the requirement to be flexible and sometimes work outside of the specified description that you were quoted at the beginning. Being able to embrace this and roll with the punches will make you an invaluable employee and somebody who stands out from the crowd as a team player and a flexible person. On the other hand, you also need to make sure that you’re willing nature is not taken advantage of.

4. Feel the Benefits of Feng Shui

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Whether you believe in the powers of positive energy or not, it is indisputable that a cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing environment will filter through to your mind and improve your attitude. If you are lucky enough to have an office of your own, decorate and arrange it in such a way that it brings you inner peace, which will in turn inspire and motivate you to do you very best work.

5. Work on Your Physical Health to Improve Yourself

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You should aim to get at least 30 minutes of exercise in to your daily routine, along with perhaps ten or so minutes of quiet mediation before your day or even in the evening when you are winding down. The healthier you feel both physically and mentally, the more you are going to be able to give to your employers, which in turn will see you climbing that career ladder!

6. Learn How to Work Well with Others

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Though some high powered bosses might seem to be able to coast along on their own, it makes for a much more successful and enjoyable career if you can use your skills in a group environment and work well with those around you. Being a great employee is all about using your best skills and then knowing when others can do things better than you.

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Dream Big

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After all, dreams are completely free, and they can come true! If you can set your mind to drive towards your dreams rather than being sad that you have not met achieved them, then you will be a hard worker who always has a milestone or goal in mind. Determination is a powerful ally to success!

Are you ready to climb the ladder to success?

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