Girl's Guide on How to Become a Freelance Party Planner ...


Girl's Guide on How to Become a Freelance Party Planner ...
Girl's Guide on How to Become a Freelance Party Planner ...

Want to know how to become a freelance party planner? Event planning is a very important job, and although not everyone recognises it, it has remained a high-paying and much-respected career. It involves organising events for other people. This means that success or failure of such an event solely depends on you. If you are confident enough about organising events or you have done it in your younger days, this could prove a very lucrative business idea for you.

Being a freelance party planner is not something new. However, there are subtle changes that have made people approach the job differently. Regardless, this is a perfect career choice to make a decent living and also manage to maintain a healthy emotional and social life even though you are a freelancer. Being a freelancer in this business gives you independence, flexibility and freedom. However, like any other business, there are some challenges. Here's how to become a freelance party planner.

The duties of the job is an important thing to consider when learning how to become a freelance party planner. As a freelance party planner, you will be tasked with more duties than simply coming up with a guest list or deciding on the charges for the pass. Some of the other duties include:

- Doing market research to identify the many opportunities for parties
- Coming up with and managing the budget
- Communicating with clients to understand their exact party requirements
- Getting and booking suitable party locations
- Coming up with detailed events proposals
- Coordinating the venue management, including equipment hire, caterers and stand designers
- Securing car parking facilities, first aid, security and media
- Identifying and getting special guests or speakers
- Communicating with PR and marketing colleagues to promote the party
- Coordinating staff briefings and staffing requirements
- Supervising the removal and dismantling of the party and ensuring the venue has been efficiently cleared

- Doing post-party evaluation, which involves data entry and analysis and creating reports for the party stakeholders

If you wish to be successful in an adult party ( entertainment job, there are several things you need to do.

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Watching How It is Done

If you are looking to earn the skills necessary for becoming a party planner, there is no better way than learning from someone in the same business. You can do this by getting a job with an established event planner and spending some time learning all the ropes while under them. This way, you have room to make mistakes and learn from these persons. It is a great way of learning tricks and strategies it would take years to do on your own.

After learning all about the standards of this industry and creating a wide network of agents and suppliers who can help you whenever needed, you are ready to go on your own and start your freelancing adult party entertainer planner.


Start Locally

If you are still fresh and don’t have extensive expertise, it is always recommended to start by building up your experience. Start in your backyard and ask around for anyone looking for a party planner. The first place to go to is your social network. Find out if anyone in your circles are looking for event entertainment and don’t know where to start looking. Offer them your services and make sure you deliver the best. This is one way of getting referrals and return clients.


Build Relationships

If you are looking forward to becoming a party planner, there are no shortcuts. You will find tons of freelance party planners out there looking to make the most out of this business. This is why you should cultivate strong relationships with other freelance party planners and event agencies. This is because event organisers might opt to go directly to freelancers instead of recruitment agencies. They will seek out their main favoured freelance party planners since they work with them regularly and know how they actually work.

The same applies to freelancers; they normally get regular jobs from the same agencies. This goes down to referrals. If one freelancer gets sourced by an agency but is currently busy, he or she will ask if it is okay to recommend a fellow freelancer. It means that the longer you stay in the business, the more referrals you are likely to get.


List Your Profile on Various Websites

There are different websites that list freelancers who offer party planning services, especially adult entertainment. For instance, you could get your profile listed on websites like PeachE. This is a great way to get your name out there and reach a wider audience. With such a website, you can create a safe and secure platform where clients can get you through. You get to set your conditions and provide clients with your contacts. It is a better way to getting better-paying clients and even referrals from those who have worked with you previously.

All the above steps will help you become a successful freelance party planner in no time. Do not be afraid of the competition. Instead, use it as the driving force to making it in this business. Party planning is a lucrative business if you know the ropes and do your best.

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