How to Cure Your Shopping Addiction and Keep Your Wallet Thick ...

Whether you just love shopping or have a serious shopping problem, if you know that you have an issue, it’s better to get help than just keep spending money. Rather than ignore it, follow these tips to help you cure your shopping addiction and save money, even if it seems like an impossible task!

1. Identify Your Problem

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The first step to solving any problem is to acknowledge that it’s there. When you can acknowledge your problem, take it one step further and identify where the issues are coming from. When do you shop? When you’re worried, stressed out, or down on yourself? If you’re using shopping as an emotional crutch, come to terms with that.

2. Come up with a Plan

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When I really want to spend money on a bunch of different things, I step back and come up with a plan instead. For example, I moved into a new apartment a few months ago, and after I got the basics, I came up with a plan for the rest of my furniture. Every month, I buy a new big piece of furniture. I could never have afforded all of those big pieces that weren’t exactly essentials at one time. Instead, I spend the entire month saving up some money to buy a new piece of furniture I’ve been dreaming of for months.

3. Find Another Escape

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If you’re using shopping as an emotional crutch, find something else that helps you that’s less destructive. Maybe try to read more, or try finding an exercise that you love and want to do frequently.

4. Keep Track of Your Spending

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Get a journal that you’ve specifically designated to track your spending. In it, write down the amount of money you take in each month and write down everything you spend money. Even if you buy a pack of gum at the grocery store, write it down. It will keep you aware of and accountable for your spending.

5. Look at Your Online Banking

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If you really have a bad shopping problem, it can be stressful and anxiety inducing to look at your online banking. However, just like the money journal, looking at your online banking regularly will help keep your accountable for how much you’re spending. I also personally feel like when I’m spending money with a card, I don’t think about it nearly as much as it as when I use cash. Paying close attention to your online banking will help give you that accountability.

6. Go on a Spending Ban

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If your life really gets out of control, a spending ban may be necessary. Don’t spend money on anything like clothes, makeup or other things that you don’t technically need. When you don’t let yourself spend money, it’s much easier to stay away from impulse buys that you’ll regret later.

7. Learn the Difference between a Need and a Want

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It’s very easy to convince yourself that you just need that new sweater you’re eyeing at Target. Step away from the sweater and think. You probably own a lot of sweaters. You don’t need it. Focus on your needs for survival first, like rent, food, etc. and if you have extra money left over, buy that sweater from Target.

What are your tips for saving money and curing a shopping addiction? Let me know in the comments!

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