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Saving money is such a drag. No matter how we wrap it up it all comes down to doing without. We do it because of the benefits it brings us down the road. So, if you can make saving money fun, why wouldn’t you? Our mothers and grandmothers had some brilliant skills that saved them money in all sorts of ways. I say let’s resurrect those skills, and have some fun doing it.

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Learn to Sew and Make Your Own Clothes and Soft Furnishings

One of the key skills that will save you money is learning to sew. It is inevitable that clothes will pick up some tears and ladders along the way, but sometime this happens when you haven’t even owned the garment for a very long time. By learning to effectively sew these pesky rips you are not only saving the money you would have spent on a new item of clothing, but you are also contributing to a less wasteful society. And then why not take it one step further and learn to make your own clothes. Satisfaction at your achievements? Check. Something unique to wear? Check. Money saved? Check.


Learn to Bake Bread – It’s Healthier and Tastier

Bread is a necessary staple in most people’s diets, with toast and sandwiches being super easy and convenient options for breakfast and lunch on an almost daily basis. Instead of having to buy two or even three loaves a week depending on the size of your household, why not learn to bake your own bread. In making it from scratch yourself, you can create better quality bread for a very small price. Win win! Plus, make it on a day when you’re a wee bit stressed because all that kneading will work out your frustrations.


Do Laundry and Dishes by Hand Instead of Using the Machines

This can apply to both clothes and dishes, as washing machines and dishwashers are among some of the biggest money sapping appliances you can have in the house. Even the price of coin operated washers in apartments buildings can begin to build up. If you get in to the habit of doing these tasks manually you will start to feel a difference financially.


Growing Your Own Fruit and Vegetables is Not Only Satisfying but Healthier Too

There is nothing more satisfying than planting your own fruit and vegetables, watching them grow and flourish and then being able to make a delicious meal from them. Having an allotment or a vegetable patch in your own garden is a great way to be frugal when you compare it to the prices of fresh fruit and veg in grocery stores. Not only will you save money but you will definitely experience a difference in superior taste.


You’ll Be Amazed at the Array of Recipes There Are for Canning

Gardening and canning are certainly a match made in heaven. You may not want to immediately cook and eat all of the vegetables that you are now growing. The easiest and most effective solution to this problem is to preserve them. Keeping your goods in cans like this help to safeguard your vegetables from spoiling and you will be able to save money on food well in to the winter months. Plus, preserved fruit and vegetables look so great in a pantry!


There’s One Kind of Dehydration That’s Good for You

Another handy food preservation tip that allows for making your stock last a lot longer is dehydrating. Basic, well working dehydrators can be purchased for as little as forty dollars and you will certainly make that money back in food that you preserve. Being aided by a machine that does all the hard work, dehydrating is a simpler task than canning and also can be more practical in terms of the space you have to store foods.


Become a Bargain Shopper and Remember to Clip Those Coupons

Becoming a frugal shopper might not sound like a fun skill but don’t dismiss it yet. It is always am untapped treasure trove to have a quick look at the reduced aisles of your local convenience stores and supermarkets. Very often, there are perfectly good items on these shelves that are only reduced because some of the packaging has been damaged. These items are like gold to a frugal minded person, so don’t let the reputation of the reduced aisle fool you, there are great things to be found! Make shopping more interesting by challenging yourself to find coupons for your favorite goods and put your smartphone to good use with money saving grocery apps.

Why not try something from this list this weekend? You might just find something you love.

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Sewing your clothes is VERY expensive! Good quality fabric can be around $15 a yard. Plus thread is $3 a roll. Go to second hand stores instead

Where's the article?

Look after the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves . I was taught spend a little save a little

I Finally got to read this! Do it yourself and you can save money or have a "honey-do-list." My hubby is a regular Mr. Fix-It & a Jack of all trades. I appreciate his skills with cars, electronics, etc. One of the sweetest things he did for me was rebinding the pages of a library book, that came unglued when I was reading in the tub. A small gesture, but he saved me a fine. The man does NOT waste $.

Walking a lot is good and saves u money from the gym yeehaa

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