7 Habits of Frugal Women with Tons of Cash ...


Frugal women often have lots of money. That’s because they’re so careful with how they spend. This’s the inside scoop on their personal habits. You can adopt them as your own and become someone who always has their finances in order, too.

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Bills First, Shopping Second

Frugal women have a philosophy. They always pay their bills before they shop for anything besides the necessities. It’s not the most fun-filled plan and takes some self-discipline to achieve. But they don’t receive late or disconnect notices which carries it’s own kind of satisfaction. You’ll notice frugal women may not spend as often or as carelessly as others do but they do still purchase things they enjoy.


They do Their Homework when It Comes to Big Purchases

So a frugal woman probably isn’t going to spend an hour researching a nail polish 💅 purchase. But when it comes to a big ticket item such as a television or maybe even a flat iron, she’s not going to shell out cash without doing her homework. It’s not uncommon for a frugal woman to read reviews for information on quality and performance before making a purchase. Warranties are also something frugal women pay careful attention to. Doing your homework pays off in making sure you have a high quality item for a long period of time.


They Don’t Go into Debt Unnecessarily

Debt is something most of us have to use at least on occasion. This includes frugal women, too. However, they don’t go into debt if it’s not necessary. They use other methods when possible such as saving for something or settling for a version they can actually afford without going into debt. They only borrow when it’s truly necessary.


Saving is Part of Their Financial Plan

How many of us are actually as good at saving as we should be? I have a feeling that a lot of us could work on this. Saving is part of a frugal woman’s financial plan. She saves for emergencies, retirement and even fun things like a vacation or a new purse 👜. Brainstorm for ways you can start saving, even if it’s only a very small amount.


They’re on Top of Their Checkbook

Frugal women are meticulous with their checkbooks. They don’t balance once every few weeks. They write down what they spend as they go. This prevents those forgotten ATM withdrawals. They also check their account balance through online banking or other means on a regular basis.


They Shop Smart

Frugal women do shop but they do so differently than others. They compare prices and shop with coupons. They also shop with a list and stick to it. Impulse shopping is something they’re careful to avoid. They also usually don’t go shopping just to look because they choose to avoid temptation.


They Shop for Holidays Year round

A frugal woman keeps her eyes open for gifts year-round. This allows her to find gifts like a $5 sundress for her sister in November when the price was originally $50. Gift shopping isn’t something frugal women stress over. They’re prepared for holidays when they roll around. If you’ve got a friend that follows this strategy, observe them and you’ll pick up all sorts of great tips.

These’re 7 habits of frugal women that you can learn from. Which ones do you plan to try out? I’d love to hear from you!

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Super great advice! I wish I'd had someone to teach me the real value of money...sometimes life demands that you utilize credit because you must, but generally speaking, don't spend money you don't have, and don't anticipate receiving money you have not yet banked. And, follow these 7 rules. Can I quibble about calling a woman who is financially savvy "frugal"? A frugal man may be referred to as "shrewd" or "sharp." A frugal woman just reminds me of a lady with a coin purse who counts every penny...lols...

Very sound advice. My mum taught me to be frugal. It is important what you have in your wallet and in the bank, we live for ourself and not to show off. That's how I have lived my life: within my means and saving for a rainy day. I own my own house but my friends who splurge are still struggling to pay off their loans. Not showing off, merely sharing that we must make financial priorities very early on as it impacts our future.

Yes the shops have Some of the best deals in november!

Great article live within your means full stop!

love this 😍 thanks for giving me money tips. I'm glad I have them as a teenager.

I am for that hey Bills before Shopping!

Buy what you need, not what you want.

@Sally same here too. My father taught me how to be prudent at a very young age, which is helping me a lot now. BILLS before SHOPPING.

I'm gonna work on doing my homework before I buy big purchases. Got to make sure I'm on track. Thanks.:)

My father taught me to be money wise from an early age .... He was absolutely right .. Do not write down every thing though

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