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How to Use Social Media to Improve Your Crowdfunding ...

By Sonya

Once upon a time, trying to get money together to fund a project was an arduous business of making phone calls, sending letters, and even knocking from door to door to try to drum up enthusiasm and support for a project. Thankfully, it’s now 2019, and we have much more effective options to explore! There are plenty of crowdfunding websites on which to centre your efforts, and there are plenty of social media platforms from which to spread the word! Here is how to use social media to improve your crowdfunding.

1 Careful Planning

Social media is only a good avenue to use when you have sat down and created a really strong and cohesive plan. There are literally thousands of crowdfunding campaigns launched on different platforms every day, but it is only the ones with strong branding and planning that have the power and quality to rise to the top and catch the public’s attention. There is nothing ‘lucky’ about it, it’s all about careful planning.

2 Choose Networks

The important thing to do is choose your networks and platforms wisely, to try to cater the vibe and theming of your project to the platforms that suit it best. Twitter, for instance, is best suited for projects that are aimed at a Millennial demographic, whereas Facebook is better for older adults and Instagram for teens. It’s all about trying to reach the eyes of the people that your project is going to appeal to most.

3 Build an Audience

Don’t just head on to social media platforms with a shiny campaign if you don’t have any kind of audience first. You need ground level followers and backers right at the beginning of your journey to ensure that there are people who can like, retweet and share your messages at the very start. Having the right kind of connections in the early stages is vital for gaining the first stage of clout.

4 Engage

Don’t expect to get love from an audience if you aren't prepared to give love back. The most successful crowdfunding campaigns are those that pay extra attention to engaging and interacting with potential buyers, supporters and investors. The projects that go viral are often those that have taken the time to come across as human rather than just another new brand name on the scene with no personality at all.

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