7 Job Search Mistakes to Avoid like the Plague ...


A lot of people who look for a job try to create a plan or a strategy, so that they’ll be more successful in landing their dream job, but what a lot of these people don’t know is the fact that they might make some job search mistakes along the way, mistakes that need to be acknowledged in order to be avoided. Sometimes you might feel discouraged or even exhausted because it may seem that all your efforts are in vain, but try to not lose hope and keep on trying because eventually you will succeed. In order to be prepared to face all the obstacles that might prevent you from finding your dream job, here are the most common job search mistakes most people do:

1. Don’t Lie in Your Resume!

In my opinion, this is one of the most common job search mistakes to avoid at all costs. I know that if you really want a specific job, you might be tempted to lie in your resume in order to get it, but you should think twice before doing it. Lying gets you nowhere and your future bosses might discover your lies and they won’t be too happy about it. So, try to be honest, show your enthusiasm and how much you want to land that job through different means and you’ll be appreciated more or you’ll even get a chance to go to that interview.

Don’t Apply to All the Jobs You Can Find!
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