7 Jobs That Require Little or No Experience ...


If you are fresh out of school and you are looking for a job but you are lacking experience, here are a few jobs that require no experience. Even though a lot of companies nowadays require a college diploma and years of experience in that field, you can still find high paying jobs that don’t require too much experience. Some of these jobs will even offer you paid, on-the-job training, so what more could you want? I should mention the fact that all those jobs that require little experience or post-secondary education are not all in retail stores and restaurants. Here are 7 jobs that require no experience that you should consider:

1. Bill Collector

One of those jobs that require no experience that you should consider is bill collector, since most of these positions only require a high school diploma. Also, experts estimate that the employment rate for bill collectors will grow by approximately 19% in the next 10 years. In order to get this job, you must demonstrate good customers service skills and you must effectively communicate over the phone.

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