7 Little Known Ways to save Money ...


If there’s one thing we women invariably have in common, other than our love of shoes and anything that comes in a little turquoise box, it’s saving money, and while these things may seem at odds with each other, they’re truly not. There are loads of little known ways to save money that can help you pad your pocketbook so you can save for a new pair of wedges, or something sparkly from Tiffany. What are these cash-saving tips, you ask? Keep reading. Here are 7 little known ways to save money. Grab a pretty piggy bank and let’s go!

1. Sign up, Follow, and like

Most companies have embraced social media, so they have Facebook pages you can “like” and Twitter feeds you can follow. This is great because often, when you click “like” or “follow,” you earn a special coupon or discount code. Also, loads of companies offer free email newsletters, giving the heads-up on sales, special deals and more.

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