6 Money Making Ideas for Stay at Home Moms ...


6 Money Making Ideas for Stay at Home Moms  ...
6 Money Making Ideas for Stay at Home Moms  ...

Are you looking for some money making ideas for stay at home moms? It is a tough job to be a stay at home mom, and the unfortunate fact is that so many SAHMs feel underappreciated. Caring for the little ones is a job that is not easy, and so many others underestimate how difficult being a SAHM really is. Additionally, they often don’t feel fulfilled because they want to do something for just themselves. And they would also love to pitch into the household income as well.

The great news is, there so many legitimate ways for SAHMs to make money from home. Below, are some great money making ideas for stay at home moms.

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Freelance Writing

A fantastic way to start making some decent cash is by writing for business owners and companies. However, it takes time, patience and a strategy to land clients and you will have to be prepared to deal with a lot of rejection as well. It is also crucial to build a portfolio that showcases your writing. This could mean that you will have to write for free in order to create something to show. You can still start making money right away by opening an account at Fiverr and offering freelance writing services. Once you build a good reputation, and you are making a little money, then you will have a portfolio to show off for work that you have done for actual clients. Then you can start pitching to other companies that are looking for freelance writers. You can also offer other services on Fiverr like editing, social media management, transcription, and graphic design or banner making. The possibilities are endless and this is one of the best money making ideas for stay at home moms.


Become a Virtual Assistant

If you are not into freelance writing, or if you are but you also want to put your eggs into other baskets, you can become a virtual assistant! So many business owners need help with data entry, sending out emails, organization and website management, among other things. You can also offer this service on Fiverr, or try out other freelancing sites like UpWork or PeoplePerHour. However, keep in mind that those are bidding sites which means you could be doing a lot of work for very little money. Wherever you decide to offer your services, be prepared to offer low rates until you build a good reputation. Then you can increase your rates.


Create a Blog and Monetize It

You can actually turn your blog into a money-making machine. However, just like with anything else in life this will take a lot of time and patience and you will need to learn a lot. The first step is to choose a niche. You can become a mom blogger as those are quite popular, and each one is unique so competition does not necessarily have to be an issue because of it. You need to commit to writing at least once a week, and it is crucial that you learn about SEO. The trick is that you want to get the right kind of traffic to your blog, and you will have to share the content that you create as often as you can.

Be sure to install Google Analytics so you know what kind of traffic you are getting. Once it’s steadily increasing, then you will want to install Google Adsense for revenue sharing, and possibly learn about affiliate marketing. The Warrior Forum is a good place to go to learn about that. And, you will also want to grow your social media following at the same time. You may be hired by companies to do sponsored posts! The sky is the limit with the kind of money you can make from your blog alone. But it will take work, learning and patience.


Sell a Course

Are you good at something and do you have a unique skill like making fancy desserts or playing the saxophone? You can create an online course or several courses by teaching others how to do those things on Udemy, and if you advertise it well, you can make some good money! If the idea of creating courses interests you, then you will need to know what apparatus to have in order to create good quality material to teach people.


Sell Your Own Products

If you enjoy doing crafts and you want to sell your own handmade products, you can always sign up with Etsy and create an online store that sells your creations. If you want to go down this route, but you are unsure of what to make, you can look around the web for inspiration. You could make clothing, toys, paintings, and other artwork to name a few. The trick is to create appealing products that others can use for practical reasons or for decoration.


Offer Childcare Services from Your Home

You can offer daycare services from your home if you want to watch other working moms’ children during the day. However, before you start, you will need to go through many legal checks before you can open up a daycare at your home. But this is a great way to make extra cash. You can also offer moms of older kids to pick their kids up from school and to have them stay with you until their parents are ready to pick them up after work.

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