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Video Inspiration for Cool Money Saving Hacks ...

By Natalya

We all need some money-saving hacks. I am always asked questions like how to start your own business, how to travel for 6 months. I have just learned how to save money. So I'm going to share some of my best money saving hacks with you.

Table of contents:

  1. Want vs need
  2. Shop intentionally
  3. Use cash instead of cards
  4. Snap a picture
  5. Compare with online prices
  6. Unsubscribe from media marketing like fashion blogs, magazines etc
  7. Go to the library
  8. Learn to say “i can’t afford it”
  9. Keep track of your finances
  10. Make your own coffee/tea at home
  11. Local markets
  12. Buy in bulk
  13. Cook in bulk and plan your meals
  14. Eat with company
  15. Ride a bike
  16. Eat well and stay fit
  17. Turn off heat
  18. Do it yourself
  19. Sell it
  20. Subscribe to the youtube channel below to see more useful videos

1 Want Vs Need

Always ask yourself do I need or I want it.

2 Shop Intentionally

Don't stray from your list.

3 Use Cash Instead of Cards

This keeps you from spending money you don't have.

4 Snap a Picture

Take a photo of the thing that you want, and wait. If you still want it in several days buy it.

5 Compare with Online Prices

Always compare prices. If you find something cheaper on Amazon, for example, buy there.

6 Unsubscribe from Media Marketing like Fashion Blogs, Magazines Etc

They encourage spending money.

7 Go to the Library

Borrow books instead of buying them. Also, check the audiobooks section in the library.

8 Learn to Say “I Can’t Afford It”

There's no shame here.

9 Keep Track of Your Finances

This way you will know exactly what you have and what you can afford.

10 Make Your Own Coffee/tea at Home

Do not buy coffee in coffee shops. It saves a lot of money.

11 Local Markets

Try to find a local market near your home that offers products which are more affordable.

12 Buy in Bulk

Buy in bulk what you eat more often. It saves you money.

13 Cook in Bulk and Plan Your Meals

This will save a lot of money.

14 Eat with Company

Sharing costs is always cheaper.

15 Ride a Bike

It is better for your health and saves you lot of money on gas. If you can’t bike, consider public transportation instead of using the car.

16 Eat Well and Stay Fit

If you take care of yourself, you do not have to spend money on medication and hospital bills.

17 Turn off Heat

If it is winter turn off the heat one hour before you go to sleep. It is still warm and you will save your money.

18 Do It Yourself

If you can do it yourself, for example, paint walls, install pictures. It saves you a lot of money.

19 Sell It

Sell something that you haven’t used for a long time.

20 Subscribe to the YouTube Channel below to See More Useful Videos

I am sharing this video with you. Subscribe and enjoy it!

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