Clever Starbucks Hacks ☕️ for People Who Want to save Money 💵💳💰While Indulging 👅👄 ...


Do you have a passion for Starbucks? I love the beverages and goodies there, too! It just seems to add something magical to your day, doesn’t it? But it can be very pricey! Here are some money saving Starbucks hacks you need to know so you can enjoy your favorite treats without spending more than necessary.

1. Let Your Barista Know if Your Drink is Wrong

The service at Starbucks is amazing, but errors can happen. If your barista gets your drink wrong then let them know. When this happens, they’ll usually fix you another beverage and allow you to keep the one that’s incorrect, too. They may even give you a coupon for a free drink for your next visit. So don’t just deal with a beverage you didn’t want; kindly let them know and it’ll work out to your advantage!

Order Two Cake Pops Instead of One
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