8 Phone Apps That save You Money ...


Technology has come a long way in making our lives easier, which is why it's no surprise that there's tons of apps that save you money out there! There are endless possibilities in using your phone to save money, whether it be finding coupons easier, getting to scan bar codes to find cheaper prices, or even paying with your phone to earn rewards! The best thing about all of the apps listed is that they're 100% free! So try downloading some (or all) of these amazing apps that save you money!

1. Ibotta

Ibotta is one of the coolest apps that save you money for both your Apple and Android devices! It's completely free and pays you cash for buying your favorite products! Before going shopping, search Ibotta's lineup of products and complete the tasks associated with each. The more tasks you complete, the more cash you'll earn! Once you're done, go ahead and buy your chosen products at one of the 35 retailers Ibotta lists nationwide. Then, verify your purchases by uploading a photo and scanning the product's bar code. Real money will now be deposited into your Ibotta account that you can send to a PayPal account or donate to any school in America! Why wouldn't you want to get some money back for certain products you buy all the time?

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