7 Real 🙌 Ways to Live 🌎 on a Budget 📊 and save Money 💰 ...


Need some real ways to save money? Tight on cash, but want to live a life that's not led by eating ramen and never going out? Then check out these tips for real ways to save money.

1. Spend Only when You Need to (at Least Most of the Time)

I know, this one's tough to hear. I’ve tried really hard to train myself on not spending money unless I absolutely need to (excluding the occasional treat to myself). I know that I can easily fall into spending sprees, so I’m constantly asking myself if I need or just want something. Like when it comes to clothes, I try to only go clothes shopping when I need a particular item for an event. However, through a deal with myself, when I go to buy whatever I’m looking for, I’ll try to find something that I know I can wear multiple times or to multiple types of events. Small victory! This is one of the best real ways to save money.

Sometimes It Pays to Be Generic