7 Reasons Happy People Get More Job Opportunities ...


There are quite a lot of reasons happy people get more job opportunities. They are more likely to be introduced to influential people and to be recommended for jobs. A lot of studies have revealed that in fact happiness can make you richer. Satya Paul, a professor of economics at the University of Western Sidney says that even though income doesn’t have a significant effect on happiness, “happy people are more active, more productive and get less upset by the work”. So basically happy people can affect their income generation through how much they work. You could say that being a happy individual and drawing others in with your positive attitude can help you get a better job. Here are 7 reasons happy people get more job opportunities.

1. People Feel Comfortable around Them

One of the most important reasons happy people get more job opportunities is the fact that others seem to feel comfortable confiding in them. After all, who doesn’t want to be around a happy and positive individual? That’s why, they will find out more quickly about different job opportunities and they will get recommended more.

People Follow Their Recommendations
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