7 Reasons to Move Back Home after College ...


7 Reasons to Move Back Home after College ...
7 Reasons to Move Back Home after College ...

There are plenty of reasons to move back home after college. Understandably, you may want to find your own apartment and live on your own. However, the transition from college to real world isn't always an easy one. Before you venture out on your own, here are seven reasons to move back home after college.

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Find a Good Job

There are more than a few reasons to move back home after college. If you're anxious to get out on your own, you may settle for any job that comes along. Rather than rush the job search, move back home and take your time. This way, you can find a job that's suitable to your skills and background.


Pay off Debt

Student loan debt is a major downside to college. Maybe your parents were not able to pay your tuition and you took out several loans. By moving back home after college, you have an opportunity to pay down these debts. Even if you can't pay them off completely, knocking down your balances can help you transition to life on your own.


Improve Your Credit Score

Perhaps you had a good time with the credit cards in college. As a result, you may have tons of credit card debt and a low credit score. Rather than jump into costly living expenses, take this opportunity to pay down your credit card debt and raise your credit score. This can open the door to home ownership, as well as a low interest rate on loans.


Save Money for a down Payment

With an entry-level salary, there may be little disposable income for saving. This makes it harder for you to build an emergency cushion and save for a down payment on a house. By moving back home after college, your monthly expenses will likely be far less than having your own apartment. Buying a home requires at least a 5% down payment. Save your money after college and you can achieve this goal sooner.


Help Your Parents Financially

Maybe your parents have been affected by the economy and they need a little financial help. In this case, you might temporarily move back home and pay rent. The money you pay your parents can go toward their mortgage and other household costs. This doesn't have to be a permanent arrangement - simply a way to help until they get back on their feet.


Learn How to Budget

Maybe you didn’t have many expenses while in college. In this case, moving out on your own may not be the wisest move. Live at home for a while and learn how to budget and manage your money. Paying rent to your parents each month and taking on a household bill can prepare you for life on your own.


Go to Graduate School

Are you interested in continuing your education? Not sure whether you can handle school and a full-time job? Moving back home after college can help you meet educational goals. With fewer bills you can work part-time and finish your schooling.

There are good reasons to move back home, and in the present economy, approximately 85% of college graduates return home after school. Rather than view this as a step backwards, focus on the benefits. Do you think it's a good or bad idea to move home after college?

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I wouldn't say it's wrong in the uk, and I think it's current 18k per year is when you have to start paying back, not exactly a ridiculous amount. Source: I live and study in the UK

See that's where England has it wrong :/ after uni, until you get a job n earn a ridiculous amount a year you don't pay a penny on student loans :/

That's nice

I think it's a bit silly - you won't be bumming off your parents your whole life. Though it is smart, it's kind of unfair to burden them longer, depending on how you behave and if you help around the house. Most young adults see it as that - an oportunity to stay lazy and dependant for as long as possible while bugging their parents every day � that's where things go wrong.

Surely that's where England is right? They don't make you pay any of it back until you are earning a certain amount per year. Even then the amount they taken isn't a dramatic amount because it is based on how much you earn.

Who would want to live with their parents anyway?

Don't do it. I am starting to regret it more and more each day.

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