7 Reasons to Stay at a Job Even if You Hate It ...


There are several reasons to stay at a job you hate. Of course, going to a job that you dislike day after day can be grueling. Rather than turn in your pink slip and pack up your desk, you need to consider whether this is the best move for your family and your finances. Here are seven reasons to stay at a job even if you hate it.

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It’s a Tough Job Market

A tough job market is one of the main reasons to stay at a job you hate. Currently, the unemployment rate is around 6.7%. On average, it takes an unemployed person about seven months to find a new job. Even if you hate your job, you should be thankful that you're working and able to pay your bills. You might be qualified for another position, but the competition will be tough.


You Need to Work

As much as you would like to walk away from your job today, the fact that you have financial obligation is one reason to stay at a job you hate. Leaving your employer abruptly might lift a burden off your shoulder, but it’ll also create problems in the long run, especially if your family relies on your income.


You Need to Earn a Certain Amount of Money

If you work in a specialized area, it might not be easy to find another job in your field. Although it's not entirely impossible, it could take months or you might have to relocate. And if you earn a sizable salary at your current job, looking for work in another field might involve a salary cut. This isn’t a huge issue if you can live on less. But if you need to earn a certain amount, you need to stick with your job until something better comes along.


It’s a Stepping Stone to Something Better

With some occupations, you have to pay your dues before graduating to better opportunities. Unfortunately, you might hate an entry-level position with the company. If however, you stick it out and prove that you're a top performer, you can gradually climb the corporate ladder and enter a position you enjoy.


The Perks Outweigh the Daily Headaches

Even if you hate your job, your job might come with a few fantastic perks. For example, your employer may pay 100% of your health coverage, or offer several weeks of paid vacation a year. In addition, you might have the opportunity to telecommute a few days a week, and enjoy other benefits such as company trips.


You Don't Have Any Other Skills

Before leaving your job, consider other areas you're qualified to work in. The truth is, if you only have one skill, moving to a different company may not provide the satisfaction you're looking for, especially if you're doing the same job. If you want to escape daily headaches, you might need to prepare for the transition and learn a new skill before making a move.


It’s the Responsible Thing to do

At the end of the day, you have to realize that many people do not like their job. Of course, you shouldn't stay at a job just because it pays well, especially if you're miserable and unhappy on a daily basis. Do not however, make an impulsive decision and walk out on your employer. This can complicate your finances and your former employer may not provide a good reference.

If you're fortunate enough to love your job, be extremely grateful for what you have. And if you hate your job, be proactive and make moves to secure a job that you'll enjoy.

What are some other reasons to stay at a job that you hate?

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I needed this

Always have a plan B if plan A falls short ??

I also agree with Misty. Hating your job really sucks. We revolve our lives around it.

I feel as though you should always have a backup plan. If you're at a job you hate who's not to say you're not going to quit or get fired anyways. I agree with keeping your job but only until another door of opportunity opens up to you.

You're absolutely right Misty! there's nothing more draining than working for someone who makes your life miserable daily! sometimes you have to walk away just to keep your sanity.

staying at a job you hate can be very draining, depressing and just bring you down. it's not worth the stress and every day feeling of doom when you head to work. it effects your daily life and family because you are always stressed. if that is your only family's income ... then look for something else while still working at a hated job.

I completely agree Misty. I live by the saying: Do what you love and you'll never be working. Even if that means changing jobs a lot and having a bit of a financial struggle at times, life is just to short to waste on a job that drains you in every single way. Plus you probably deliver lower quality work and your family and loved ones get to deal with your terrible moods.

hell no!

i think perspective realignment is deem needed. yes you hate your job, but of course there has to be a reason behind it. Analyze first if those reasons are worth packing your stuff out of the office.

jobs don't define who you are. it's a means to an end.

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