7 Reasons Why Networking is Important when Trying to Get a Job ...


Have you ever wondered why networking is important when you're looking for a job? Can't you just send your CV to employers or fill in an application form? It's estimated that a considerable percentage of vacancies are never advertised openly. So these are some of the reasons why networking is important in your job search …

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Many Jobs Aren't Advertised

One of the top reasons why networking is important is that many vacancies are never actually advertised. Instead they are filled within the company, the person is headhunted, or candidates hear about the vacancy through word of mouth. The more contacts you have, the greater the chance of hearing about any openings that they know of.


Relevant Skills

Networking is also important when employers are looking for someone who has your skill set. Mutual connections will pass on the information. Suppose you have computer programming skills and speak French, and an acquaintance of yours finds out that their firm is looking for a French-speaking programmer. They'll immediately think of you and tell you about the job.


Known Quantity

Being a known quantity is extremely useful in a job search, as many people like to use or employ someone they know or who has been recommended to them. They will thus be either directly or indirectly aware of your skills, character and experience. As a jobseeker, it is extremely advantageous if someone can make a personal recommendation on your behalf.


Familiar with Your Work

If you're looking for employment in a particular field, attend as many events as you can that are connected. At such events you will meet people that you can talk to about your work and experience.The more people that you get to know on a work level, the more people will know about your work and what you're capable of.



Think of what the word network means - a system of connected lines. Every contact you make could lead to more, so never miss an opportunity to make a contact. There is great potential for expansion. Every person you meet could remember you when they need your skills; every small project could lead to a larger one. Or they could introduce you to several other people.


Resumés Are Anonymous

The problem with sending your resumé to a firm that does not know you is that a resumé is pretty anonymous. It only really tells the person shortlisting candidates a series of facts. It's also one of maybe hundreds that they will receive, so the majority will be rapidly discarded. However, if you have heard of you through connections, they will already be looking out for your resumé.


Recommendations Count

Finally, a recommendation can carry a lot of weight in many professions. This is often particularly pronounced in traditional and conservative fields (the "old boys' network"), but can also be the case in more 'modern' companies. Having a recommendation by someone whose opinion is valued could help you get your foot in the door.

Whether you're looking for your dream job, or something to pay the bills, networking could be a big help. Always look out for opportunities to network. Even if you're not looking right now, making connections could be valuable for your career in the future. What is the most unusual way you've ever found a job?

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