This is Why It's Awesome to Be a Frugal Girl πŸ’πŸ’° ...


Some people have mastered the art of being frugal. But if you're a frugal person, your friends might make negative comments and even call you a cheapskate. After a while, you might start to question your frugal nature. Despite how others might make you feel, there are reasons why you shouldn't apologize for being frugal.

1. It’s Not a Bad Thing

People may try and convince you that being frugal is a bad thing, and they may argue that it's okay to spend and enjoy the fruits of your labor. In a lot of ways, they're making sense but at the end of the day, being frugal is not a bad quality; if anything, being smart with your money can alleviate a lot of financial headaches and help you reach financial goals sooner.

You’re Being Responsible
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