This is Why It's Awesome to Be a Frugal Girl ...


This is Why It's Awesome to Be a Frugal Girl ...
This is Why It's Awesome to Be a Frugal Girl ...

Some people have mastered the art of being frugal. But if you're a frugal person, your friends might make negative comments and even call you a cheapskate. After a while, you might start to question your frugal nature. Despite how others might make you feel, there are reasons why you shouldn't apologize for being frugal.

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It’s Not a Bad Thing

People may try and convince you that being frugal is a bad thing, and they may argue that it's okay to spend and enjoy the fruits of your labor. In a lot of ways, they're making sense but at the end of the day, being frugal is not a bad quality; if anything, being smart with your money can alleviate a lot of financial headaches and help you reach financial goals sooner.


You’re Being Responsible

Some people are frugal by choice, whereas others are frugal by necessity. The truth is, no one knows your finances better than you. And if being frugal is how you make ends meet every month, or it's how you're able to enjoy a little fun with your family and friends, others shouldn’t make you feel bad for being responsible.


You Might Have a Bigger Cash Cushion

It's simple mathematics — the less you spend, the more you can save. So, while your shopping friends spend all their cash and ignore their savings accounts, being frugal helps you build a hefty savings account. This serves as a protection in the event of a job loss or another emergency.


You Might Buy a House Sooner

Even when someone earns good money, he or she might be unable to buy a house if they don't have a savings account. This is because buying a home is expensive. There are down payments, closing costs and other mortgage related costs which run thousands of dollars. For those who spend and never save a dime, it might take longer to achieve any dream of home ownership.


It’s Easier to Get Away

Everyone needs a break from time to time. Unfortunately, if you're not careful with your pennies, enjoying a vacation or a long weekend might be out the question. However, if you're frugal and know the importance of saving your money and looking for discounts, you'll increase your savings account and ultimately have more options for fun and entertainment. Saving money might get you closer to a dream vacation.


You Don't Live Paycheck to Paycheck

Some people spend money that they don't have to project a certain image. This is their choice however, being frugal is one of the best ways to ensure that you live within your budget. And when you live within your budget, you’re less likely to get stuck in a paycheck to paycheck trap and you’ll probably have enough to cover all your expenses. The time to think about frugality is not when you’re experiencing money problems, but before.


You Don't Have Credit Card Debt

If you recognize your financial limitations, you're less likely to have credit card debt. Being frugal is one way to ensure that you spend within your income. A person who isn’t frugal may intentionally or unintentionally overspend every month, at which time they’re forced to use credit cards to cover necessities.

Whether you’re frugal by nature, or you’re thinking about becoming a more frugal person, this is a good money habit to adopt. Although others may call you a cheapskate, you're probably in a better financial situation than the naysayers.

What are other good reasons for being frugal?

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