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7 Safety Tips to Remember when Having a Garage Sale at Your Home ...

By Kayla

If you've been planning a garage sale at your home, there are some garage sale safety tips that you should follow. Following these tips will help ensure that you have a successful garage sale that runs smoothly. Here's 7 garage sale safety tips to check out.

1 Team up

One of the best garage sale safety tips that you should consider following is teaming up with a friend or family member and having a combined garage sale. If they are not interested in selling any of their items, simply ask them to help you with your sale. This will keep you from having to leave your garage sale unattended. It's also a good idea to have another person there to watch out for shoplifters.

2 Lock Your Doors

If you're having a garage sale, you should always lock the doors to your home. If not, some people may try to slip into your home without your knowledge. If you have any electronic items that you plan to sell, hook up an extension cord that can be used outdoors. Never allow a customer to go into your home to see an item that you've haven't moved out yet.

3 No Bathroom Breaks for Shoppers

You should never allow a customer to use your bathroom unless you personally know them. Keep in mind that if you allow someone that you know to use your bathroom and other customers notice this, they may ask to use it, too. Even if you feel sorry for someone and they look harmless, remember that they are a stranger. Instead of allowing them into your home, direct them to the nearest convenience store or restaurant.

4 Keep Cash Close

When having a garage sale, you should always keep the money that you've earned on you. Also, never keep large amounts of money on hand. If the garage sale is a success and you sell lots of stuff, be sure to put some of your profits locked away in your home. If there are several different people having a yard sale together, it may be wise to have one person handle all of the money.

5 Keep Your Phone Close

An emergency can happen at any time. You may have an overall aggressive customer who refuses to leave or you may have someone who decides to steal some of your items. Therefore, you should always keep your cell phone in your pocket during the garage sale. Be sure that the battery is fully charged before the sale starts.

6 Move It Outdoors

Even though you're planning to have a garage sale, consider moving everything outdoors. By doing this you will be able to lock your garage doors. This will make it easier for people who are passing by to see if there is a problem. Making your garage off limits to customers will also make them less likely to attempt to enter your home.

7 Put Items You Don't Want to Sell out of Sight

If you have items that you don't intend to sell sitting in your yard, such as your kid's play toys, you should put them out of sight. If you're unable to move them, simply place a sign on them stating that they're not for sale. If you keep items that you don't want to sell out where they can be seen, many customers will ask if those items are for sale. Some may even become upset when you tell them that an item is not for sale.

Have you ever had a garage sale? If so, are there any garage sale safety tips that you would like to add to this list? If you've never had a garage sale, perhaps you've been to one and have noticed some safety issues that you would like to add.

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