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The Advantages of Being Self-Employed ...

By Karen

The advantages of being self-employed might make you decide to change careers. Someone who is self-employed is a business owner that earns a living working for himself/herself and not as an employee for someone else. If you have a sole proprietorship, partnership, or limited liability company, you are self-employed. One of the main advantages of working for yourself is anyone you work for is a client, not an employer! Here are some of the advantages of being self-employed that you'll like best.

1 You Earn More Money

Freelancers usually earn 45 percent more than traditional employees. They are also allowed to deduct certain business expenses resulting in their being able to keep more of what they earn. This is one of the advantages of being self-employed that many people love most.

2 You Spend Less

If you perform your professional duties from home, you do not have to pay for gas/public transportation fares, eating out or child care expenses.

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3 Variety is the Spice of Work

As an independent contractor, your workload changes constantly. You have to continually adapt, learn and update your skills.

4 No Co-Worker Issues

When you work alone (remotely) you do not have to deal with coworker drama or conflict. And you do not have to worry about anyone trying to undermine you!

5 Sick Time

A sick day is a day without pay, but you do not have to ask permission to take time off. You do, however, have to buy your own insurance.

With self-employment, you can take your hobby or passion and turn it into a career that you know you will love. And you can choose everything from your location to your working hours.

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