The 15 Most Important Financial Decisions You Will Make in Your Life ...

Whether you like it or not, money is always going to be a big factor in your life! You think about it when you don’t have enough of it, you think about when you have more than you need, and you certainly think about it whenever you are forced to part with it! Here are fifteen of the most important financial decisions you will make in your life.

1. Deciding on a Career Path is the First Big Financial Decision, Because It is Essentially Going to Dictate How Much Money You Can Expect to Be Making for at Least the First Five to Ten Years of Your Real Adult Life

2. When in College, Are You Going to Need Financial Assistance? the Quicker You Can Learn and Get Your Head around Those Things, the Faster You Can Start Enjoying the Benefits

3. Decide What Kind of Car You Want to Drive. You Might Have a Dream in Mind, but It Will All Depend on Insurance and Gas Costs for That Particular Model!

4. Do You Want to Start Using a Credit Card? You Need to Make Sure You Are Aware of All the Responsibilities before Signing Your Name to One

5. Are You Going to Take out Any Short Term Loans? Be Aware of the High Interest Rates, They Can Really Take You by Surprise

6. What Kind of Property Plans do You Have? Are You Happy to Rent for the Foreseeable Future, or do You Want to Put Your Foot on the Property Ladder?

7. Are You Going to Take out Homeowners’ Insurance? Some Sort of Cover is Essential when Buying a Property, but It is up to You What Level of Cover You Purchase

8. Do You Want to Take out Health Insurance? IT Might Not Feel like a Necessity with You Are Young and Healthy, but What about when You Are Getting Older, or when You Start a Family?

9. And What about Taking out Life Insurance? is There Someone You Need to Think about Taking Care of Even after You Have Gone? It’s Not Always Nice to Think about, but It’s Important

10. Do You Plan to Augment Your Income in Any Way? Taking on a Second Job Can Be a Good or Bad Thing Depending on Your Personal Circumstances. Maybe You Could do Something like Rent out a Room at Home Instead

11. Would You Ever Consider Improving on Your Education and Qualifications at Some Point? This Will, of Course, Require a Big Expenditure Further down the Line

12. Are You Making Plans for Your Retirement? the Sooner You Start Paying in to a Pension, the Better off You Will Be in Your Old Age

13. How Many Children, if Any, Are You Planning on Having? This Will Obviously Have a Big Impact on Your Savings in the Future

14. Do You Have an Emergency Fund? if You Are Someone Who Lives from Paycheck to Paycheck, then Having an Emergency Pot to Dip It to in Times of Needs is Very Helpful/

15. Maybe You Fancy the Idea of Playing the Stock Market? Always Made Sure That You Have Enough to Fall Back on if You Want to Take Some Risks

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