9 Things That Are Draining Your Money without You Realizing It ...


Do you ever think about things that are draining your money? The average person lives paycheck to paycheck, and yet doesn’t realize the many areas that are major money-grabbers. You might be able to save yourself $100+ monthly by taking a closer look at where your money is going! See below if you’re interested in finding out things that are draining your money.

1. Overpaying for Your Phone Plan

When you're looking for things that are draining your money, one of the larger culprits is more than likely your phone plan! Do you really use all of the minutes and texts you pay for? If you spend a large amount of time connected to Wi-Fi, then you could be overpaying for data too. Pay close attention to the small charges on your bill. I once noticed bogus fees of around $25 on my bill! One quick phone call can reassure you of exactly what you’re paying for.

Magazine Subscriptions and Movie Rentals
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