7 Things to Think about before You Quit Your Job ...


If you’re having a hard time at work and are considering leaving, take some time to consider these things to think about before you quit your job. I know what it is like to have jobs that make you feel unfulfilled and unhappy. What I can tell you is that now, I have a job I love and can’t imagine living without, but before I ever left any job, I considered all seven things below first. Get out a pen and paper, and write down answers to these important thought-provoking questions. These are some great things to think about before you quit your job! Just writing these out will not only help you make a decision, but also give you a peace of mind from answering these questions.

1. Do You Have a New Job Lined up?

One of the most obvious things to think about before you quit your job is if you have a new job lined up! Don’t quit your job in the haste of a situation or stressful time at work, and just fly by the seat of your pants unless you’ve at least got some kind of substantial idea lined up. There is a difference between taking a leap of faith towards a more promising career idea, and not having an idea at all. Be sure you know the difference.

Are You Stressed?
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