The Ultimate Guide to Getting Rich in Your 20s for Girls Wanting to Make Bank ...


The Ultimate Guide to Getting Rich in Your 20s for Girls Wanting to Make Bank ...
The Ultimate Guide to Getting Rich in Your 20s for Girls Wanting to Make Bank ...

It seems to be a fact of life these days that you’re short of money in your twenties. (It doesn’t get much better in your 30’s ha ha). There’s so much you want to do, places to go, things to experience, things to buy, but there’s just not enough money in your pot. Financial stability is a worthy goal to have and there are a few ways to strategize and prioritize your money so you can feel rich in your 20s.

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Change Your Perspective for a More Positive Outlook

hair, hairstyle, facial expression, black hair, long hair, One of the easiest ways how gen Y girls can be rich is by simply changing their perception and expectation of their own current salary. In a way, you should almost be pretending that you have much less money than you do, and by living a slightly more frugal lifestyle most of the time, you will be pleasantly surprised when you go to treat yourself and you find a healthier sum sitting there in your back account.


Haggle Your Salary for as Much as You’re Worth

hair, hairstyle, facial expression, eyebrow, beauty, Don’t settle for less than you think you deserve; lots of younger workers get stuck with bad base salaries because their employers were able to slightly intimidate them. Stay strong and argue your case. You will be surprised how far you can push it!


Train Yourself to Cut out Impulse Shopping

, Impulse shopping can be one of the biggest factors in a 20-something feeling like they are dead broke! As soon pay day comes, you splurge a load of it on items that you don’t need. Be more sensible, make reasonable purchases and you will feel much more wealthy each month!


Make the Effort to Bring Your Own Lunch to Work

meal, lunch, dinner, 面, W, Let’s face it, work cafeterias charge lots of money for food that isn’t even that nice to eat! And shop-bought sandwiches, snacks and salads are just budget-busters. You can save yourself a whole heap of cash by going on a shopping trip on Sunday afternoon to buy healthy ingredients to prep five days’ worth of lunch to take to work. Buying bulk and preparing for yourself will save you lots of money in the long run.


Buy a Smaller Closet so You Don’t Feel the Need to Constantly Fill It!

clothing, formation, This is totally psychological, but if you have a smaller closet that is already filled with clothes, you are going to be much less likely to feel the need to purchase more items of clothing compared to having a closet that looks sad and half empty! A simple mind trick can go a long way!


Sacrifice Your Regular Mani/Pedi, save for Special Occasions

blond, lijust'got, as150, (, manicure, Honestly, do you really need a professional to do it for you every single week? Save some cash by painting your own nails and saving the salon treatment for special occasions only. All of your own practice will make you much better at it anyway!


Cut Back on Expensive Alcoholic Drinks on Nights out

person, alcohol, PARC, EQuEJTMBB, Going out clubbing with your friends doesn’t have to be the bank breaker that it currently is. You would be absolutely shocked at how cheap a night out you can have if you stick to non-alcoholic drinks. You really don’t need booze to have a good time, and you will be much happier with your bank balance than with a horrible hangover!


Immerse Yourself in the World of Money Saving Apps

person, art, Gone are the days of physical couponing. Now all you need to save heaps of cash are a few handy discount apps that tell you exactly where to head and what to buy to make the most of your budget!

You may have noticed I haven’t mentioned setting a budget. Frankly, I shouldn’t have to. If you don’t know in your 20s that you have to set a budget, none of the other tips will help you. SET YOUR BUDGET!

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One of my friends drinks before she goes out; therefore not spending money on expensive bar drinks!


What are some good saving apps?

What about thinking about how could you increase your salary instead of sacrificing your lifestyle?

^^ ya what r any saying $ apps

Shopping kart is good for Target! But that's all I know

what apps/ websites can u do quizzes on or review products and get $

No. 5 really? I mean who just keeps buying to fill the closet?

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