6 Tips for Dealing with a Hot-tempered Boss ...

A hot-tempered boss is a bad boss, but the fact is that a lot of bad bosses exist and go through their entire lives thinking not only that they have achieved something but also that they were loved. They truly believe that the people at work respect them and love them. Obviously, you do not want to break this little delusion of theirs as it will only inflame them further. On the other hand, if you get the chance to stick it to him/her in some way (kicking them when they are down so to speak) then you should do it. They would not show you any mercy if it were the other way around. Here's how to deal with a hot-tempered boss.

1. Quit Your Job

The boss is horrible, so why would you want to work for him or her. Quit the job and do not mention the job on your resume. If you do, then say that the boss was a child and you quit because you refuse to be bullied.