5 Tips for Negotiating πŸ’¬ a Raise πŸ’° for Girls Needing to Figure It out πŸ’ ...


Working up the courage and conviction to meet with your boss and ask for a raise can be a really tense and anxious time. And that's why you need some tips for negotiating a raise. Even though you know you deserve more money, there is always the risk that your boss won’t see the situation the same way, and this could lead to plenty of work tension that wasn’t there beforehand. If you want to have the most productive meeting and outcome, then you need to be prepared for the interaction, so take heed of these five key tips for negotiating a raise.

1. Do Research

One of the top tips for negotiating a raise is doing your homework beforehand. Don’t go into the meeting without facts and figures. If your boss asks you what your new salary expectations are, you need to have knowledge about other colleagues and the money that they make so that you don’t suggest a completely outlandish figure the damages your credibility. Those figures can be hard to get hold of, so you can also consult websites that give median figures for the salary that your position commands at other companies.

Good Timing
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